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Peder Mannerfelt: The Swedish Congo Record

Track List

>Bapere Dance
>Bahuto Chant & Dances 1
>Batwa Pigmy Dance 2
>Royal Watusi Drums 3
>Batwa Pigmy Dance 1
>Xylophone at Lubero
>Mambuti Pigmy Flutes
>Batwa Pigmy Dance 3
>Chief Karumi's Dance
>Ceremonial Drums of Chief Kokonyange, The
>Elephant Feast
>Royal Watusi Drums 1
>Pigmy's of Kigali
>Circumcision Dance
>Kokonyange's Dance
>Bahuto Chant & Dances 2
>Circumcision Atmosphere
>Bahuto Chant & Dances 3
>Circumcision Bird, The
>Stick Orchetstra
>Royal Watusi Drums 2


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