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La Ciaccona - music from the early Baroque by Merula, Monteverdi, Rossi, Ferrari, Falconieri, d'India, Kapsberger, Salaverde, Bartolotti / Midori Suzuki, soprano

Notes & Reviews:

Originating in 16th c. Latin America, the Chacona, a triple meter dance-song (most often) in major mode with its own particular harmonic progression, became, in 17th c. Italy, the ciaccona, a lively pattern of chord progressions for the guitar and treated as a kind of ostinato bass. Crossing the Alps, the chaconne, as it then became, had become a larger-scale genre of instrumental compositions. Examples of the flexibility of the form in 17th c. Italy can be heard on this Ensemble Anthonello recording from 2002, now newly reissued.


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