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Trevor Morris: The Vikings III [Music from the TV Series]

Track List

>Seer Gives Lagertha a Prophecy, The
>Vikings Set Sail for Wessex, The
>Kwenthrith's Story
>Vikings Battle Brihtwulf's Army
>Torstein Loses an Arm
>Cloaked Figure Arrives in Kattegat, A
>Battle for the Hill of the Ash
>Sacrifice for the Corps
>Siggy Sacrifices Herself to Save Ragnar's Sons
>Rollo Learns of Siggy's Sacrifice
>Bjorn Fights to Save Rollo
>Helga Tells Floki of Harbard
>Seer Laughs at Rollo's Misery, The
>Aethelwulf Attacks
>Ragnar Kills the Messenger
>Athelstan is Reborn
>Floki Appears to Kill Athelstan
>Ragnar Honors Athelstan's Death
>Ecbert Sends Athelwulf on a Journey
>Aethulwulf Meets with Kwenthrith
>Floki's Seige Towers Revealed
>Vikings Reach Paris
>Attack Begins, The
>Walls Are Breached: The French Lose Hope, The
>Ragnar Knows Floki Killed Athelstan
>Vikings Attempt To Rip Open Gates
>Floki Melt Down
>Floki Curses the Gods
>Kalf and Lagertha Make a Pact
>Lagertha's Stealth Assualt on the Bridge
>French Counter Attack, The
>Ragnar Hallucinations, Sees Gods
>Vikings Are Told of Ragnar's Death, The
>Vikings Attack Paris
>Ragnar Sets Sail for Home


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