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The Time: Ice Cream Castle

Album Notes

In the mid-'80s, Prince may have been the king of Paisley Park, but the Time frontman Morris Day was the sergeant-at-arms and the court jester simultaneously. With a flamboyant image, production aesthetic, and songwriting approach all closely aligned with those of his Purpleness, the Time appealed to the same cross-section of pop, funk, and R&B fans. The elegant psych-pop arrangement of the title track recalls AROUND THE WORLD IN A DAY. The self-explanatory "My Drawers" dips into the more carnal side of the Minneapolis sound. The Time's best-known song, "Jungle Love," is infectious, high-quality synth funk with the kind of chanted interjections that have been tilting ears since the glory days of P-Funk. Jesse Johnson's solo here adds just the right guitar-hero touch to the proceedings. Throughout ICE CREAM CASTLE, Day camps it up just enough to let us know that he knows how outlandish he comes across. It's this ironic sense of humor that supplies the crucial difference between the Time and the more gifted but notoriously humorless Prince.


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