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Ronny & the Daytonas: The Complete Recordings *

Track List

>G.T.O. - (mono)
>Hot Rod Baby - (mono)
>California Bound - (mono)
>Hey Little Girl - (mono)
>Bucket "T" - (mono)
>Little Rail Job - (mono)
>Little Stingray That Could, The - (mono)
>Surfin' in the Summertime - (mono)
>Back in the U.S.A. - (mono)
>Hot Rod City - (mono)
>Teenage Years - (mono)
>Little Scrambler - (mono)
>Tiger-A-Go-Go - (mono)
>Bay City - (mono)
>Beach Boy - (mono)
>No Wheels - (mono)
>Sandy - (mono)
>Sandy - (mono)
>Somebody to Love Me - (mono)
>Goodbye Baby - (mono)
>Hold Me My Baby - (mono)
>Baby Say No - (mono)
>When Stars Shine Bright - (mono)
>Be Good to Your Baby - (mono)
>If I Had My Way - (mono)
>Nanci - (mono)
>Come into My Heart - (mono)
>So in Love - (mono)
>Then the Rains Came - (mono)
>Antique '32 Studebaker Dictator Coupe - (mono)
>I'll Think of Summer - (mono)
>All American Girl - (mono)
>Dianne, Dianne - (mono)
>Young - (mono)
>Winter Weather - (mono)
>Last Letter, The - (mono)
>Walk with the Sun - (mono)
>Brave New World - (mono)
>Hold Onto Your Heart - (mono)
>Girls and the Boys, The - (mono)
>Alfie - (mono)
>4-Cast She'll Love Me Again - (mono)
>Delta Day (No Time to Cry) - (mono)
>I Wanna Be Free - (mono)
>Daytona Beach [Perviously Unreleased] - (previously unreleased, mono)
>Hey Little Girl [Previously Unreleased] - (previously unreleased, mono)
>Chapel of Love [Previously Unreleased] - (previously unreleased, mono)
>Angelina [Previously Unreleased] - (previously unreleased, mono)

Album Notes

Back in 1997, Sundazed sampled the best of the recordings Ronny & the Daytonas made for Mala but Real Gone Music's 2015 The Complete Recordings does it better, containing everything the Nashville hot rod rock group made, not just for Mala, but also Amy and RCA. That amounts to 48 tracks, four of which are unreleased, and all the hits arrive early: "G.T.O." kicks it off, with "California Bound" and "Bucket 'T'," which Keith Moon later forced the Who to cover, then "Sandy" shows up toward the end of the first disc. "Sandy" is where the quartet begins to move away from its surf and hot rod origins and into middle-of-the-road pop. While their legacy rests firmly on those anthems for the summer, these soft sunshine pop sides from the mid-'60s are equally indebted to the Beach Boys and are, as a whole, more listenable than the early rock & roll sides, largely because there's greater variety. That isn't to say this second half of The Complete Recordings is better than the first -- clearly, the Ronny & the Daytonas legacy lies with those car tunes -- but what makes this compilation preferable to the Sundazed set, which just serves up the hot-rodding classics, is that hefty dose of landbound sunshine pop, a style that evokes all the forgotten MOR sounds of the late '60s. ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine


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