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Original Soundtrack: Sheriff Callie's Wild West

Track List

>Sheriff Callie's Wild West Theme Song - Toby/Peck/Shariff Callie
>Cowgirl Twirl - Dirty Dan/Toby/Farmer Stinky/Doc Quackers/Uncle Bun/Sheriff Callie/Ella/Tio/Priscilla/Peck/Mr. Dillo/Dusty
>Amazing Lucky Scarf - Sheriff Callie
>Horseshoe Peck - Dirty Dan/Toby/Farmer Stinky/Doc Quackers/Uncle Bun/Ella/Tio/Priscilla/Peck/Mr. Dillo/Dusty
>We're Gonna Clean Up Our Town - Dirty Dan/Farmer Stinky/Uncle Bun/Sheriff Callie/Ella/Priscilla/Peck
>Wish I Could Do Tricks Like That - Toby/Uncle Bun/Tio/Peck
>If You Could Go Fast - Peck
>My Moustache and Me - Toby
>Hero Song (I Wish I'd Never Lied) - Peck
>Count On Us - Toby/Peck
>You're Not a Tattletale - Sheriff Callie/Peck
>Chugga Chugga Choo Choo Train - Conductor/Toby/Sheriff Callie/Peck
>Sparky, Come Back To Me - Sheriff Callie
>Picture Perfect - Toby/Farmer Stinky/Doc Quackers/Uncle Bun/Sheriff Callie/Ella/Town/Tio/Priscilla/Peck/Mr. Dillo
>Just a Little T.L.C. - Doc Quackers/Uncle Bun/Ella/Priscilla/Peck
>Sayin' I'm Sorry - Toby/Sheriff Callie/Peck
>Cattle Drive - Toby/Farmer Stinky/Sheriff Callie/Peck
>May the Best Brother Win - Dirty Dan/Dusty
>Who Could It Be? - Toby
>I Found a Prickly Pal - Polly May/Toby
>Rustle Up That Rhyme - Peck/Mr. Dillo
>Follow Me, (I'm the Leader) - Peck
>There's a Scary Looking Wolf In Town - Toby/Uncle Bun/Ella/Priscilla
>Those Peppers - Dirty Dan/Toby/Uncle Bun/Sheriff Callie/Ella/Tio/Peck/Dusty
>That's How a Gentleman Does It - Priscilla
>Ask For Help - Farmer Stinky/Sheriff Callie/Jay Jay

Album Notes

Audio Mixer: Michael Turner.

Arranger: Michael Turner.


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