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Bikini Kill: First Two Records [Bonus Tracks]

Track List

>Double Dare Ya
>Suck My Left One
>Feels Blind
>Thurston Hearts the Who
>White Boy
>This Is Not a Test
>Don't Need You
>Jigsaw Youth
>Resist Psychic Death
>Rebel Girl
>Outta Me
>George Bush Is a Pig
>I Busted in Your Chevy Window
>Get Out
>Fuck Twin Peaks
>Girl Soldier
>Not Right Now

Album Reviews:

Rolling Stone (9/30/93, p.104) - 4 Stars - Excellent - "...[Bikini Kill] make contradictory and compelling art about a confused--but not lost--generation..."

Spin (3/93, p.22) - "...evil-sounding guitar, bass, and drums aggressively slammed together in a simple, catchy punk rock style...it's Kathleen Hanna's voice that takes this record to a higher level..."

Alternative Press (4/93, p.53) - "...Bikini Kill are god(desse)s, in spite of it all....the best punk rock record made..."

Village Voice (3/2/93, p.5) - Ranked #8 in the Village Voice's list of the 10 Best EPs of 1992.

Mojo (Publisher) (7/02, p.126) - "...For most folks, this is where it all started....this disc is the [Riot Grrl] manifesto. Fury abounds..."

Album Notes

Includes the EPs BIKINI KILL (formerly available as Kill Rock Stars 204) and YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH.

Bikini Kill: Tobi Vail (vocals, bass, drums); Kathleen Hanna (vocals, drums); Billy Karren (guitar); Kathi Wilcox (bass, drums).

Engineers include: Ian Mackaye, Don Zientara, Pat Maley.

Recorded in 1991 and 1992. Includes liner notes by Kathleen Hanna and Tobi Vail.

Though they're quick to decry it in the CD liner notes, Bikini Kill found themselves manipulated into a position of being the premier "riot girl" band by a media obsessed with pigeon-holing everything. In actuality, the band comprised a number of different ethos and points of view, which at times seemed to lead to contradictory messages and gave their detractors ammunition--the band were called everything from exploitative to man-hating.

The first Bikini Kill "album" (six tracks, 16 minutes) features mid-tempo punk rock songs, including "Feels Blind," the clear blueprint for almost every Hole song (though Courtney Love is clearly more interested in commercial success), and "Thurston Hearts the Who," featuring simultaneous vocals, one skewering Sonic Youth and their "coolness," the other a sarcastic reading of a Bikini Kill review by a very confused and misinformed journalist. The second record, YEAH, YEAH, YEAH, YEAH, originally released as a split 12-inch with England's Huggy Bear, features even better songs (but tinnier production), especially "Don't Need You," a pissed-off, high-speed rip at people offering unbidden opinions, and the low-key "Outta Me," a brilliant break-up song.


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