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Zbigniew Preisner: Trois Couleurs Triology: Bleu, Blanc, Rouge [Original Film Soundtrack] [Box]

Track List

>Bleu: Song for the Unification of Europe (Patrice's version)
>Bleu: Van Den Budenmayer - Funeral music (winds)
>Bleu: Julie - Glimpses of Burial
>Bleu: Reprise - First Appearance
>Bleu: The Battle of Carnival and Lent
>Bleu: Reprise - Julie with Olivier
>Bleu: Ellipsis 1
>Bleu: First Flute
>Bleu: Julie - in her new apartment
>Bleu: Reprise - Julie on the stairs
>Bleu: Second flute
>Bleu: Ellipsis 2
>Bleu: Van den Budenmayer - Funeral music
>Bleu: Van Den Budenmayer - Funeral music
>Bleu: The Battle of Carnival and Lent II
>Bleu: Reprise - flute
>Bleu: Ellipsis 3
>Bleu: Olivier's theme - piano
>Bleu: Olivier and Julie - Trial composition
>Bleu: Olivier's theme - finale
>Bleu: Bolero - Trailer for "Red" film
>Bleu: Song for the Unification of Europe Julie's version
>Bleu: Closing credits
>Bleu: Reprise - organ
>Bleu: Bolero - "Red" film
>Blanc: The Beginning
>Blanc: The Court
>Blanc: Dominique tries to go home
>Blanc: A chat in the underground
>Blanc: Return to Poland
>Blanc: Home at last
>Blanc: On the Wisla
>Blanc: First job
>Blanc: Don't fall asleep
>Blanc: After the first transaction
>Blanc: Attempted murder
>Blanc: The party on the Wisla
>Blanc: Don Karol I
>Blanc: Phone call to Dominique
>Blanc: Funeral music
>Blanc: Don Karol II
>Blanc: Morning at the hotel
>Blanc: Dominique's arrest
>Blanc: Don Karol III
>Blanc: Dominique in prison
>Blanc: The end
>Rouge: Milosc od pierwszego wejrzenia (Love At First Sight) interprete par Zbigniew Zamachowski
>Rouge: Fashion show
>Rouge: Meeting the judge
>Rouge: The tapped conversation
>Rouge: Leaving the judge
>Rouge: Psychoanalysis
>Rouge: Today is my birthday
>Do not take another man's wife [Part 1]
>Rouge: Treason
>Rouge: Fashion show II
>Rouge: Concersation at the theatre
>Rouge: The rest of the conversation at the theatre
>Do not take another man's wife [Part 2]
>Rouge: Catastrophe
>Rouge: Finale

Album Notes

Liner Note Author: Thierry Jousse.

Composed by longtime collaborator Zbigniew Preisner (The Secret Garden, Damage), the scores for legendary Polish director Krzysztof Kieslowski's film trilogy based on the French motto liberté, egalité, fraternité are as diverse as the films' stories. Trois Couleurs: Bleu features symphonic choral works by a fictional composer character, as well as longing, piano-centric accompaniment for a grieving widow with secrets. Trois Couleurs: Blanc employs solo clarinet, oboe, violin, spare piano, and Eastern European folk scales for sparse, often melancholic chamber music support of an isolated immigrant protagonist. Trois Couleurs: Rouge has symphonic music by the fictional composer from the first installment, and alternately tender, anxious, and triumphant string-based tracks to underscore a narrative exploring personal and oblique human connections, as well as Polish-language and French-language songs to open and close the film. Rouge won Preisner his first César in 1995. ~ Marcy Donelson


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