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Tom Petty: Wild & Free: The Uncut Interview Sessions

Track List

>Line, The
>Wont Back Down
>Accidental Wilbury Formation
>Being Honored to Have Know Orbison
>First Meeting Jeff Lynn
>His Solo Album
>His Solo Album, Pt. 2
>Jeff Lynn as a Producer
>Meeting Jeff Lynn
>Missing Orbison
>Not Having Orbison Around
>Orbisons Laugh
>Roy Orbisons Success
>Heartbreakers, The
>Travelling Wilburys
>Wilburys Formation
>Working With Dylan
>Working With Orbison
>Being Inspired by Bo Diddly
>Gold Platinum Mentality
>Hearing from Fans
>Live Album by Finding Tapes
>Heartbreakers Live Tour, The
>Writing Breakdown


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