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R.E.M.: Lost in Time: The Uncut Interview Sessions

Track List

>Basicness of Last Album
>Big Name Producers
>Branching Out
>Breaking Rules
>Contract Freedom
>Cover Songs
>Giving Songs Different Feeling
>Immediacy of Recording
>Intangibles of Producers
>Less Restraint With New Contract
>Listening to the Beatles As a Kid
>Loosening Up
>Paving Way for Alternative Bands
>Peter Buck on Buying a House
>Peter Bucks House
>Peter Case on the New Album
>Pop Song 89
>Recording Process
>Songwriting Locales
>Spinal Tap
>Stand Up
>Their Boxed Set
>Their Love of Music
>Their Unfinished Song
>Unfinished Song
>Unrealistic Desire To Re Record Songs
>Using Mandolin For Writing
>Writing Bridges
>Writing On Mandolin
>Writing With Guitars
>Desire To Play With Muddy Waters
>Switching Intruments


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