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John Beltran: Espais [Digipak]

Track List

>Intro - (featuring Natalie Beridze)
>Many Moments to Come
>Child's Place, A
>Love Suspended
>Music for Machines
>Orange Background
>White Space Poetry
>Heavy Weather
>Dreams Tangle
>Warming Storm, Thr (Outro)

Album Notes

Michigan-based techno veteran John Beltran's second full-length on Delsin focuses on his ambient side, creating warm, rolling textures with a slightly cinematic quality. The album starts off calmly enough, with soothing string pads similar to the kind that Moby has always been fond of using. Gradually, the tracks get more distorted and tension-filled, with gritty vibrations and touches of melancholy, occasionally breaking for calmer string and piano interludes. Six-minute centerpiece "Muse" begins with a rapidly panning pulse and slow pianos, and eventually adds softly crashing drums, ending up with one of the album's most breathtaking moments. "Dreams Triangle" is even better, with gorgeous guitar playing withered, fragile notes over a blown-out atmosphere. The album ends on a much darker note than it begins, almost sounding like an entirely different album, and it only gets better as it progresses. ~ Paul Simpson


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