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Tony Banks: Chord Too Far [Box Set Anthology] *

Track List

>Rebirth [From Soundtracks]
>At the Edge of Night [From the Fugitive]
>Walls of Sound [From Strictly Inc]
>Lion of Symmetry [From Soundtracks]
>More I Hide It [From Bankstatement], The
>Shortcut to Somewhere [From Soundtracks]
>Waters of Lethe [From a Curious Feeling], The
>I Wanna Change the Score [From Still]
>Water Out of Wine [From Still]
>Something to Live For [From Strictly Inc]
>By You [From the Fugitive]
>Never Let Me Know [From Strictly Inc]
>Thirty Three's [From the Fugitive]
>Charity Balls [From Strictly Inc]
>Island in the Darkness [From Strictly Inc], An
>Border [From Bankstatement], The
>Lucky Me [From a Curious Feeling]
>Another Murder of a Day [From Still]
>Moving Under [From the Fugitive]
>Still It Takes Me by Surprise [From Still]
>Red Day on Blue Street [From Still]
>After the Lie [From a Curious Feeling]
>Redwing [From Soundtracks]
>Queen of Darkness [From Bankstatement]
>Piece of You [From Strictly Inc], A
>Big Man [From Bankstatement]
>Angel Face [From Still]
>This Is Love [From Bankstatement]
>I'll Be Waiting [From Bankstatement]
>Back to Back [From Still]
>For a While [From a Curious Feeling]
>Throwback [From Bankstatement]
>You Call This Victory [From Soundtracks]
>And the Wheels Keep Turning [From the Fugitive]
>You [From a Curious Feeling]
>Final Curtain [From Still], The
>Blade [From Six Pieces of Orchestra]
>Black Down [From Seven: A Suite for Orchestra]
>Siren [From Six Pieces of Orchestra]
>Earthlight [From Seven: A Suite for Orchestra]
>From the Undertow [From a Curious Feeling]
>Spring Tide [Demo] - (previously unreleased)
>Neap Tide [Demo] - (previously unreleased)
>City of Gold [Demo] - (previously unreleased)
>Chase [From The Wicked Lady], The
>Kit [From the Wicked Lady]
>Poppet - (previously unreleased)
>Wicked Lady [From the Wicked Lady], The

Album Notes

Audio Remixers: Nick Davis ; Tony Banks.

The inaugural installment of a Tony Banks reissue program, A Chord Too Far is a career-spanning four-disc box set containing 48 tracks selected by the Genesis keyboardist himself. Banks began venturing outside of Genesis in 1979, and over the next decade and a half he recorded four solo albums along with a record with a band called Bankstatement and composed scores for The Wicked Lady, Quicksilver, and Starship (aka Lorca and the Outlaws), with the latter two collected on the aptly titled Soundtracks compilation; later, he released a pair of orchestral albums. Each of these records is sampled on A Chord Too Far, which remixes many of the original recordings so they're crisp, clean, and punchy, then places the tracks out of chronological order so the listener's attention is directed to certain similarities running throughout Banks' solo work (it also helps that all the symphonic and soundtrack work is grouped on the fourth disc). Often, these recordings sound quite similar to the Genesis albums of the time -- big, shiny, and tuneful, occasionally assisted by the guitar of Daryl Stuermer. Sometimes there are some palpably '80s excesses -- tightly sequenced rhythms, analog synths, stiff funk, atmospheric power ballads -- but as a compiler, Banks made the canny decision to downplay his prog side in favor of his arena-filling album rock and, as such, this is a surprisingly entertaining and somewhat revelatory career-capping box set. ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine


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