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Lil Dicky: Professional Rapper [PA]

Track List

>Meet the Burds (Interlude)
>Professional Rapper - (featuring Snoop Dogg)
>Who Knew
>Lemme Freak
>Lemme Freak for Real Tho (Outro)
>White Crime
>Molly - (featuring Brendon Urie)
>Hannibal Interlude - (featuring Hannibal Buress)
>$ave Dat Money - (featuring Rich Homie Quan/Fetty Wap)
>Oh Well - (featuring Jace)
>Personality - (featuring T-Pain)
>Pillow Talking - (featuring Brain)
>Parental Advisory (Interlude)
>Classic Male Pregame
>Antagonist, The
>Antagonist II, The
>Parents Still Don't Understand (Interlude)
>Work (Paid for That?)

Album Notes

Professional Rapper rounds up plenty of viral goodness from novelty MC Lil Dicky, the one-man Lonely Island who viraled his way up to fame with the insensitive, but maybe ironic, hit "Classic Male Pregame." "Pour me another shot, Goddamn it/I'm tryna get to a place where I can talk to these bitches" the song goes, before "I got seven shots in me, three condoms on me and immeasurable hope" infers the track is laughing at itself, but political correctness is so beat up on this album that it almost seems spiteful, so appreciating audacity is the secret to appreciating Lil Dicky. For the audacity lover, there's the great title track where Snoop Dogg acts as hip-hop's gatekeeper with the exchange of Snoop "If you wanna do this, then you won't get far acting like a little bitch" and then Dicky's "Nah, that's my niche!," which explains the album in a nutshell. It's also good to know that guests like Fetty Wap, Hannibal Buress, Rich Homie Quan, and T-Pain stop by along with Snoop, and that this double disc is fat with a couple of ten-minute tracks, so pregame before you pregame and get ready for a whole lot of Dicky. ~ David Jeffries


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