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Album Reviews:

Spin (8/00, p.152) - 7 out of 10 - "...An eon after its intended drop date....the pair dis Parker Lewis, manipulate horns like Pete Rock, and get their bus driver blazed - all with turn-of-the-decade joie de vivre..."

NME (Magazine) (6/30/01, p.41) - 7 out of 10 - "...Steeped in revolutionary lore...fiercely attuned to guerilla bass tactics..."

Album Notes

K.M.D.: Zevlove X, Earthquake (rap vocals); DJ J-Quest (turntables).

Originally scheduled for release back in 1994 but scrapped due to controversial cover art, K.M.D.'s follow-up to their debut Mr. Hood was considered to be one of the Holy Grail records in the annals of hip-hop history. The death of group member Sub-Roc in a car accident squashed the future of K.M.D. shortly after it was recorded. Employing ideals and samples from the album The Blue Guerilla by Kain of the Last Poets, the tone of this record was to be dramatically different than their first, which was lighthearted and playful while still spreading a message about racial stereotypes. Volatile yet poignant tracks like "What a Nigga Know" and "Black Bastards!" are hip-hop fireballs. Subjects like alcoholism ("Sweet Premium Wine"), drug use ("Smokin' That S*#%"), and women ("Plumskinzz") were all touched upon with incendiary tones. The sound of the record is very raw and sounds unfinished due to Elektra shelving the project, but it doesn't take away from the magic that would have made this a suitable follow-up. ~ Douglas Siwek


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