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Various Artists: Texas Blues

Track List

>Katie Mae Blues - Lightnin' Hopkins
>Feel So Bad - Lightnin' Hopkins
>Short Haired Woman - Lightnin' Hopkins
>Let Me Play With Your Poodle - Lightnin' Hopkins
>Picture on My Wall - Lightnin' Hopkins
>Sugar Mama - Lightnin' Hopkins
>Someday Baby - Lightnin' Hopkins
>Abilene - Lightnin' Hopkins
>Shotgun - Lightnin' Hopkins
>Lonesome Home - Lightnin' Hopkins
>Tim Moore's Farm - Lightnin' Hopkins
>Lightnin's Boogie - Lightnin' Hopkins
>Automobile - Lightnin' Hopkins
>Jake Head Boogie - Lightnin' Hopkins
>One Kind Favor - Lightnin' Hopkins
>Gotta Move - Lightnin' Hopkins
>Long Way From Texas - Lightnin' Hopkins
>Dirty House - Lightnin' Hopkins
>Freight Train Blues - Lightnin' Hopkins
>Sad News From Korea - Lightnin' Hopkins
>Gone With the Wind - Lightnin' Hopkins
>Sittin' Down Thinkin' - Lightnin' Hopkins
>Don't Think 'Cause You're Pretty - Lightnin' Hopkins
>Sick Feeling Blues - Lightnin' Hopkins
>Had a Gal Called Sal - Lightnin' Hopkins
>Loudella - West Texas Slim
>Big Stars Are Falling - Thunder Smith
>Alberta - Stick Horse Hammond
>Lucy Mae Blues - Frankie Lee Sims
>Lost Woman Blues - Rattlesnake Cooper
>Lonesome Cabin Blues - Mercy Dee
>Bad Whiskey, Bad Woman - Melvin "Lil' Son" Jackson
>Worried Blues - Smokey Hogg
>Prowlin' Ground Hog - Willie Lane
>Walking Talking Blues - Manny Nichols
>Rhythm Blues - Sonny Boy Davis
>Strike Blues - L.C. Williams
>Rocks Is My Pillow - Big Son Tillis
>Bon Ton Roula - Clarence Garlow
>Please Mam Forgive Me - Sunny James
>Drove From Home Blues - Wright Holmes
>Blue, Black, and Evil - Leroy Ervin
>Mean Black Snake - Pete McKinley
>Tall Skinny Mama Blues - Manny Nichols
>No More Lovin' - Ernest Lewis
>Jelly Roll Man - Bill Simpson
>Dallas Be Bop Blues - Soldier Boy Houston
>All the Way From Texas - Perry Cain
>Black Snake Blues - John Hogg
>Jet Black Woman - Buddy Chiles
>Home Again Blues - Frankie Lee Sims
>Roberta Blues - Melvin "Lil' Son" Jackson
>Crossroads - Texas Alexander
>Cruel Hearted Woman - Thunder Smith
>Boogie all the Time - L.C. Williams
>Rosa Lee - Ernest Lewis
>Gamblin' Man - Stick Horse Hammond
>You Gotta Lay Down Mama - Johnny Beck
>Worried Life - Manny Nichols
>You Gonna Need Me - Monister Parker
>Misery Blues - Smokey Hogg
>What Wrong Have I Done - Country Slim
>Ba-ba-du-lay Blues (G.I. Fever) - Mercy Dee
>Throw This Poor Dog a Bone - James Tisdom
>My Baby Quit Me Blues - Andy Thomas
>Which Woman Do I Love - The Sugarman
>Happy Home Blues - D.C. Washington
>Howlin' Wolf - Willie Lane
>In My Girlish Days - Miss Country Slim
>Low Down Dirty Ways - Thunder Smith
>Chicago Blues - Andrew Thomas
>Zetela Blues - Big Son Tillis
>I Don't Live Here No More - Sonny Boy Davis
>I'm in a Boogie Mood - Clarence Garlow
>Little Mae Belle - West Texas Slim
>Hug Me Baby - Soldier Boy Houston
>Cairo Blues - Melvin "Lil' Son" Jackson
>Log House on the Hill - Leroy Johnson
>No One to Love Me - Manny Nichols
>Shake 'Em on Down - Ernest Lewis
>Santa Fe Blues - Thunder Smith
>Ten Long Years - Lillian Tillis/Big Son Tillis
>Highway 51 - Stick Horse Hammond
>Freedom Train Blues - Melvin "Lil' Son" Jackson
>Single Man Blues - Frankie Lee Sims
>Last Affair Blues - James Tisdom
>Good Road Blues - Wright Holmes
>Forgive Me - Manny Nichols
>I Love My Baby - Andrew Thomas
>Excuse Me Baby - Sunny James
>January 11, 1949 Blues - Luther Stoneham
>Shreveport Blues - David "Pete" Mckinley
>Worrying Blues - John Hogg
>Black Cat Rag - Willie Lane
>West Coast Blues - Ernest Lewis
>Evil and Hanky - Mercy Dee
>Black Woman - L.C. Williams
>Lawyer Houston Blues - Soldier Boy Houston
>She's Gone With the Wind - The Sugarman
>Truck 'Em on Down - Stick Horse Hammond

Album Notes

Liner Note Author: Neil Slaven.


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