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Conforce: Presentism [Digipak] *

Track List

>Blue Note
>Artefact From a Higher Dimension
>Time Space Continuum
>Erased Connections With the Past
>Motion Sequence
>Sequence of Subcult
>Ocean Lab
>Predictive Flow

Album Notes

On his fourth album under the name Conforce, Boris Bunnik continues to produce dubby ambient techno that nods to '90s Detroit techno and early IDM. His albums are typically heavier in atmosphere than his more club-centric 12" EPs, which focus more on steady beats. Presentism is a bit smoother and more danceable than his previous full-length, 2013's abstract Kinetic Image, but as it progresses, it seems to become more submerged. At times it almost seems like a less gritty, more washed-out take on Drexciya's aquatic sound. Tracks such as "Sequence of Subcult" are dripping wet with dubby effects, and the deep sonar pinging of "Ocean Lab" absolutely nails the sound conjured up by its title. "Erased Connections with the Past" is a good demonstration of the album's more straightforward danceable side, with a slightly swinging beat driving a fizzy oscillating synth and relaxed pads. The album is spacious and expansive, but it stays focused and remains captivating throughout its entire duration. ~ Paul Simpson


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