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Various Artists: New Metal Collector, Vol. 1

Track List

>Reach the Sun - Maroon
>Make Them Suffer - Cannibal Corpse
>Endzeit - Heaven Shall Burn
>Sound of Truth, The - As I Lay Dying
>Stop at Nothing - Born from Pain
>Brutality of Terror - I-Remain
>Somewhere - Smaxone
>Will to Bleed - The Agony Scene
>Nuclear Torment - Legion of the Damned
>Armamentarium - Neaera
>Merestä Maalle - Stam1na
>In Splendour - Engel
>Hell in a Box - President Evil
>Americana - Throwdown
>Soul of a New Breed - Cadaveres
>Endeavour - Torch
>You're Beautiful - Superwaste
>Kiss Me - Deadline
>Ymca - Uncle Sam
>Uptown Girl - Slam Punk
>We Are the World - Punk All Stars
>Venus - Bomaniac
>Jump - Tummi Tuck
>You Can't Hurry Love - The Warzaw Warriors
>Open Arms - Ugly In Pink
>Mission Impossible (Theme) - Nature Calls
>Xanadu - Catfight!
>Wild Thing - Mad Mac
>Full of Regret - Danko Jones
>Desolate City - Gluecifer
>I Got Spades - Backyard Babies
>Webfoot Witch Hat - Fu Manchu
>Graveyards - This Is a Standoff
>And the Dead Said No - Von Benzo
>Damned If I Do Ya (Damned If I Don't) - All Time Low
>Every Waking Moment - The Generators
>Standin Beside You - 84 Day Syndrome
>Make Dreams Come True - Exit on the Left
>Weight on My Shoulders - Satanic Surfers
>Lost Highway - Psychopunch
>Bad Time Story - Barroom Heroes
>Here Comes the Fire - Emil Bulls
>What Shall I Do? - The Cowboy Prostitutes
>Waiting - Rocket
>Electric Pool - Gluefactory
>Tune in, Turn on, Drop Out - The Adicts
>Heads They Win, Tails You Lose - Venerea
>End of My Road, The - Towerblocks
>I Think You're Everything - Last Days of April


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