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Various Artists: Michigan Box - 1950s & 1960s Oddball Labels

Track List

>O'Misery - Blue Echoes
>Rebel Train - Blue Echoes
>Tossin' and Turnin' - Blue Echoes
>Orbit Twist - Joyce Songer/Rufus Shoffner
>Raindrops - Kelly Rogers/Joyce Singo
>World of Pleasure - Frank Hammac
>Heartburn - The Atlantics
>Monkey Tree - The Atlantics
>Rocket to the Moon - Kathy Hawk
>Homicidal - Lenny & The Thundertones
>Interstate 45 - Dwight Douglas & The Jayhawkers
>I Wanta Go Steady With You - Dick Armstrong
>Cool Cool Baby - Lafayette Yarborough
>Livin' Doll - Lafayette Yarborough
>Long Tall Sally - The Chantells
>Rockin' Revelie - The Chantells
>Goin' Nowhere - Princetons Five
>Deadman - Princetons Five
>Crawl Back - Bobby Good
>Intensity - The Flamethrowers
>Whippy Wow - The Flamethrowers
>Mr. Johnson - Max Culler
>Cat, The - Walton Brothers Band/clarence walton
>Soul Salesman - Chubby Martin
>Baby Why Did You Have to Go - Bob & The Rockbillies
>Your Kind of Love - Bob & The Rockbillies
>Cool Guitar - Blue Echoes
>It's Witchcraft - Blue Echoes
>You'll Be Lonely - The Fortune Aires/Denny Jorden
>Baby Let's Rock - Leon James/Walter Atkins & His Homotone's
>Ride That Train - Leon James/Walter Atkins & His Homotone's
>Arkansas Jane - The Millionaires
>Blues I Can't Hide - Eddie Jackson
>Heartless Woman - Ron Allers/Rhythm Masters
>Night Street - Bob & His Neptunes
>Twin Spin - The Egyptians
>Suzette - The Flamethrowers
>Knights Caper, The - The Flamethrowers
>Baby, Baby, Baby - Jimmy Lee
>She's Gone - Jimmy Lee
>L-O-V-E - Palford Brady
>Clocking My Card - Ray Taylor and the Alabama Pals
>Connie Lou - Ray Taylor and the Alabama Pals
>My Hamtramck Baby - Ray Taylor and the Alabama Pals
>I'll Never Let You Weary My Mind Any More - Ray Taylor and the Alabama Pals
>I Can't Stay Mad at You - Hugh Friar/Virginia Vagabonds
>Empty Arms - Hugh Friar/Virginia Vagabonds
>Ain't No Sign I Woudn't If I Could - Ford Nix & Moonshiners
>Nine Times Out of Ten - Ford Nix & Moonshiners
>I Flubbed My Dub - Curly Dan/The Danville Mountain Trio/Jim Maynard
>You'll Be the One to Cry - Curly Dan/The Danville Mountain Trio/Jim Maynard
>Renfro Valley Home - Bill Swain
>Just a Cheater - Paul & Larry
>Thunder Express - Lenny & The Thundertones
>Zaragoza - Guitar Johnny & The Rhythm Rockers
>More Lovin' - Palford Brady
>Hello There Mister - The Country Misfits
>Hippie in a Blunder - Johnny Buckett and His Cumberland River Boys
>You Shake Me - Jimmy Wayne/The Galaxies
>Crazy Tom - The Cimbalas
>Sweet Love - Bobby Bond/The Bandits
>Mixed Up Life - Wilma Ann and the Danville Mt. Boys/Curly Dan
>Ad Lib - Danny & the Galaxies
>If You Want to Be My Baby - Danny & the Galaxies
>Nashville, Tennessee - Chuck Dockery/Four Buddies
>Rave On - Tino & the Revlons
>Rock While We Ride - Chuck Dockery/Four Buddies
>Tonya - The Deltrons
>Sapphire - Danny Zella & His Zell Rocks
>Bounty Hunter - The Sabres
>I Could Shoot Myself (If I Wasn' t Afraid of a Gun) - Connie Dycus
>Cats Eyes - Frank Zolton/Town and Country
>Wildcaten - The D&S Wildcats
>Goodbye Bo - The Royal Playboys
>Stomper - Emanons
>Graveyard Twist - Bobby Dee & The Crestliners
>Jerry's Twist - Bobby Dee & The Crestliners
>I'm Gonna Be a Wheel Someday - King
>If You Could Love Me - Jimmy Williams & the Drifters
>Teardrops and Memories - Jimmy Williams & the Drifters
>Twilight Zone - Raye
>Wild Little Willie - The Hesitations
>On Trial - The Fugitives
>Wine, Wine, Wine - Renegades V
>Bertha Lou - The Kings Four/Bob Harris
>What Are We Gonne Call It' You Got Me! - The Elites
>Honeymoon Express - Hank Winters
>Wiggle Walkin' Baby - Roy Moss With Cliff Allen's Band
>Yes Juanita's Mine - Roy Moss With Cliff Allen's Band
>Amnesia - The Mysterions
>Transylvania - The Mysterions
>Shake Down - Lincoln Trio
>Down Hill - The Mysterions
>Big Green Car - Jimmy Carroll
>Curfue - Scavengers
>Coverup - Norm Childs & Flat Top's Ramble Rousers
>Flintales Rock - The Flintales
>Jambo - The Vulcans
>Shimmy Shuffle - The Vulcans
>D-Rail - The Flintales
>Mother-in-Law Boogie - Earl Songer & His Rocky Road Ramblers
>Joe's Mandolin Boogie - Hubert Frair and His Hillbilly Hicks
>Drunk Man's Wiggle - Jimmy Myers & His Happy Highway Gang
>Ding Dong Mama From Tennessee - Jimmy Myers & His Happy Highway Gang
>Wild Cat Boogie - Forest Rye/Stringband
>Take It or Leave It - Boots Gilbert/Bob Sykes/The Treble-Aires/Chuck Hatfield
>Man! Turn Me Loose - Boots Gilbert/The Treble-Aires/Chuck Hatfield
>Partnership Love Affair - Davis & His Tennessee Kings
>Rock and Roll Baby - Eddie Jackson/Swingsters
>That Old Heartbreak Express - Buster Turner and the Pinnacle Mountain Boys
>Blue Flame - Bill Hicks/The Southerneers
>She's Done Gone - Bill Hicks/The Southerneers
>I Didn't Know I Loved You - Roy Rector/Slim Bradford
>You Ain't No Good for Me - Jimmy Lee
>My Bucket's Got a Hole in It - Pete DeBree & The Wanderers
>Heard the Back Door Slam - Roy Rector
>Hey, Mr. Presley - Pete DeBree & The Wanderers
>Long Tall Lou - Pete DeBree & The Wanderers
>No Grave - The Whirl Wind Evangelists
>Rock the Universe - Dell Vaughan/The Fortune Aires
>Rock And Roll Grandpap - Don Rader
>Hi Ho Little Girl - Terrigan Brothers & the Sterlings
>Flamingo Rock - Ellis Kirk/Town and Country
>Sweetie Pie - Ellis Kirk/Town and Country
>I'm a Millionaire - Tennessee Harmony Boys
>Elvis Is Rocking Again - Roy Hall & His Cohutta Mountain Boys/Hunt Sisters
>Pretty Baby Rock - Jim Myers/Tex Regan
>J & D Hop - Jim Myers & The Gems
>Oh! Baby Baby - Jim Myers & The Gems/The Montclairs
>I'm Not Gonna Take It Anymore - Hunt Sisters
>You Can't Stop Me From Loving You - Danny Richards and the Country Rhythm Boys
>One Way Tickets to Tennessee - Danny Richards and the Country Rhythm Boys
>North On 23 - Wilma Ann and the Danville Mt. Boys/Curly Dan
>Try Me One More Time - Nolan Strong & the Diablos
>Buggin' Baby - George Young
>Shakin' Shelly - George Young
>Destruction - The Catalinas
>Long Walk - The Catalinas
>Granpa's Gully Rock - Floyd Smith/The Montclairs
>Cheese Cake - The Nite Sounds
>Roll, The - The Nite Sounds/Butch Vaden
>Well I'm Weak - Eddie Stapleton
>I Don't Like You That Much - The Royal Jokers
>Gonna Get Me a Satellite - Ted Walker Orchestra/Ernest Tucker
>Too Small to Dance - Ted Walker Orchestra/Ernest Tucker
>Loving You Baby - Earl Chatman
>Take Two Steps Back - Earl Chatman
>I Still Love You - Joe Weaver & His Blue Note Orchestra/Andre Williams/The Inspirations
>Bad Luck - Lapels
>Jack the Ripper - The Continental IV
>Scramble - The Continental IV
>Griddle Greasin' Daddy - Johnny Buckett
>Let Me Play With Your Poodle - Johnny Buckett
>Come On Baby - Jimmy Kirkland/Stan Getz/Tom Cats
>I Wonder If You Wonder - Jimmy Kirkland/Stan Getz/Tom Cats
>Black Saxs - Danny Zella & His Zell Rocks
>Wicked Ruby - Danny Zella & His Zell Rocks
>Bevy Mae - Bobby Smith
>She's Gone From Me - Smith
>Bomp Bomp - The Sabres
>Rustler - The Sabres
>Ho Key Po Key Rock - B.Goode & The Hokey Pokeys
>Sabotage - B.Goode & The Hokey Pokeys
>Turned Out (Alvera) - Keith O'Malley
>Cut-Out - Neutrons
>I'm Gone - Vic Gallon
>Double Clutchin' Man - Howard Perkins
>My Maw Didn't Raise No Fool - Perkins
>Busting Point - The Torquays
>Other Side, The - The Torquays
>When It's Judgement Day - The Huron Valley Boys
>Tell Me! Why' - George Brady/The Kingsmen
>Cherokee - Billy Gill With the Kentucky Rebels/Pete Goble
>Columbus - Billy Gill With the Kentucky Rebels/Pete Goble
>Connie - Harold L. & the Offbeats
>Three Years - Harold L. & the Offbeats
>Come On In - Jim Bagley/Country Four
>Sooner - The Bowmans/Glynn Archer
>Native Dance, The - The Rimshots
>South On No. 23 - Wilma Ann and the Danville Mt. Boys/Curly Dan
>Tom Cat Boogie - Jimmy Hayes With the Camey Ridge Ramblers
>To the Dancing Party - The Auroras/Rick Roll
>Humpty Dumpty - Al Burnette & His Southern Swingsters
>Lookie Here, Baby - Al Burnette & His Southern Swingsters
>I'd Rather Make Love - Thomas Green/Tennesse Tom & His Rhythm Boys
>Sugar Coated Lies - Hicks/The Southerneers
>It's All Your Fault - Farris Wilder
>I'm Glad We Didn't Say Goodbye - Shorty Frog And His Space Cats
>Sheddin' Tears Over You - Shorty Frog And His Space Cats
>Gonna Ride That Satelite - Jimmy Gartin & The Highlanders
>It Always Happens to Me - Shoffner & Joyce Songer
>Every Little Raindrop - Joyce Songer/Rufus Shoffner
>Little Mama Twist - Oaklahoma Rockers/Cherokee Chief
>Lovelight - Rufus Shoffner/Speedy Rodgers
>Move Over Big Dog (Let a Little Dog In) - Bobby Bernell
>Mean and Evil Blues - Cherokee Chief
>Same Old Blues - Patti Lynn
>Polecat Hollow - Jimmy Click
>I'm Laughing at You - The Gardenias
>Tough Cat - Nick & the Jaguars/The Ferros
>Fling - The Phaetons
>Cooter Bug - Dave Hamilton & His Peppers
>Oh! Baby - Dave Kirk/The Candy Men
>Joann - Kenny Layne
>Hound Dog Boogie - The Hound Dogs
>Big Berry (Boss Man Guitar) - Big Daddy G
>Under Control - Howard Perkins
>White Lightning 'n Excess - Lum Hatcher
>Ain' t No Grave Gonna Hold My Body Down - Carl Martin Trio
>Spiritual Ladder - The Gospel Travelers
>Butterfly - The Nationals/Wade
>What I Say - Eddy Janson/The Van-Dells
>Never Tell a Lie - Jimmy Jackson
>Stomping Ground - The Countrymen/Wayne Roberts
>Why You Been Gone So Long - The Lyonaires
>Rock, Baby, Rock - Barbara Tennant
>Shock - Holland
>Hippitty Hop - Billy Sharpe & His Sharptones
>Little Miss Muffet - Chuck Mann
>Dynamite - The Dynamites
>Rosie Lee - The Dynamites
>Cinderalla - Little Mac & the Bravadoes
>Dance Baby (With Me) - Little Mac & the Bravadoes
>I'm Gonna Stop Cryin' - Bob & the Bandits
>Lucky 11 Rock - The Shamrocks/Chuck Slaughter/Buddy Ray
>Fifteen Seconds - Roxie Williams/The Shamrocks/Buddy Ray
>Help Me Baby - The Bossmen
>Inkster Boogie - The Egyptians
>Party Stomp, The - The Egyptians
>Rock and Roll Rock - Kelly
>Rimshot - Johnny/The Drifters
>They Call Me Shadrach - Mel Smith
>Jogger - The Rhythm Riders/Dennis Bice
>There's No Use in Me Loving You - Jimmy Murphy
>Stepping - Frank Monday & Steppers
>Blowin' Throught Yokahama (Part 1) - The Medallions
>Blowin' Throught Yokahama (Part 2) - The Medallions
>International Whirl - Danny & the Nitro-Notes
>Epitone Twist - Epitones
>Mighty Rumble, The - Epitones
>Production Line - The Countrymen/Rusty Dunn/Wayne Roberts
>Seventh Heaven - Jim Hall & The Radio Pals
>Trav'lin - Billy Lee & The Ramblers
>Flyin' Saucer Twist - The Ramrods/Tom Carter
>Twistin' Boogie - The Ramrods/Tom Carter
>Extra Boyfriends - Sandy Salyers
>Long Pony Tail - Tom & the Tornadoes
>Big Nick - Nick Harris & The Soundbarriers
>Ballad of Billy the Kid - Dean-O-Delray & His DelRays
>Lucky Star - Dean-O-Delray & His DelRays
>Bachelors Got It Made - Zookie & the Potentates
>Telephony - Zookie & the Potentates
>Thinkin' About You - Rhythm Rockers
>It's Tough - The Tempos
>Sham-Rock - The Tempos
>Baby, What's a Matter With You - Norm Allen & the Renegates
>Just One Womans Man - Allen & the Renegates
>If You Call That Love - The Three Ramblers
>Walking, Talking Babydoll - The Three Ramblers
>I Have Found the Way - Carl & Evert & the Golden Strings Quartet
>Highway To Heaven - Pleasant Valley Boys
>Hallelujah Side - John Wacker
>Act Like a Man - Arnold Patton/Jack Mollette/Judy Leonard
>Roll Over Beethoven - Princetons Five
>Wildlife - The Wildwood Playboys
>I'll Find You - Bobby Sisco & The Melo-Daires
>Cindy Lee - The Starlighters
>Wicked Ruby - The Starlighters
>In the Middle (Of The Night) - Cummins/The Redeemers
>Surfin' Freeze, The - Pete Cummins/The Redeemers
>Oohee Wee Your Sweet - Virgil Baker
>Poverty - Forrest Green & the Rangers
>Shotgun Weddin - John J
>See How Ya Are - Grant Doom
>Ugly Duckling - Keith Freeman
>Griddle Greasin' Daddy - Johnny Buckett
>I Don't Know What I'm Looking For - Gene Nitz/West Viriginia Ramblers
>Johnny Sax - Thunder Rocks
>What's the Word - Thunder Rocks
>Graveyard - The Blazers
>Come Back Baby - Kenny Owens
>Frog Man Hop - Kenny Owens
>Froggy - Lloyd Howell
>My Babys Gone - Lloyd Howell
>Snooker - Low-Rocks
>Grits 'n Grease - The Quintette Plus
>Warpath - Thunder Rocks
>Settle Down - Fred Farrah/Hitchhikers
>Wild Party - The Valiants
>Oh, My Linda - Thunder Rocks
>Get Your Feet on the Floor - Aubrey Bradford With Brad's Orchestra
>Baby Doll - Swingsters/Eddie Jackson
>Youngster Meets Monster - Danny Zella & Zell Rockers
>Zebra - The Youngsters
>Sent Up - The Falcons Orchestra
>My Kind of Woman - Ron Ouderkirk
>Jumping - Teen Tones
>Told You Little Baby - Frankie/The Teentones
>Short Circuit - Finetones, Inc.
>Big "G", The - Finetones, Inc.
>Spartan Stomp - Treblemakers
>Nicotine Fit - The Society
>Jam-Up - Eddie Bartel Orchestra/Jackie Carbone
>Rock With the Mambo - The Regalaires/Johnny Frazer
>It - The Regalaires
>Drunk Driver's Coming - Richard Brothers
>Stolen Property - Richard Brothers
>Rockin' the Blues - Don Rader/The Five Stars
>Honey Won't You Love Me - Jimmy Gartin/Bad Cats
>Columbus Stockade Blues - Kenny Lane & His Bull Dogs
>Froggy Went a Courtin' - Lane & His Bull Dogs
>Buzzin' Bee - The Ramblers
>Cool and Crazy - Nick & the Jaguars
>Ich-I-Bon # 1 - Nick & the Jaguars
>Traffic Jam - Don Richards
>Just Fooling Around - The Swing Kings
>Bug, The - The Swing Kings
>Devil on Death Highway - Ken McWilliams/The Twilighters
>They Play It Wild - Saharas
>Something Else - Mr. Big/Littlemen
>Rabby Baby - Nino
>Rock-N-Robin - The Tikis
>It's All Over Now - Jack & Jill
>Ballin' Wire - D-Notes
>Slave Driver - Ensemble Jack and Jill's/Jerry Schäfer
>Something From the Twilight Zone - Barry Ray
>High on the Hog - Jimmy & Russ Williams
>Saturday Night at Purser's Bar - Max Culler/The Carolina Troubadours
>Love Bug Crawl - Jim Bullington
>Sad as I Can Be - Angie & the Monoccos
>Miss Ann - The Jumping Jacks/Dick Barron
>Whole Lot of Shaking Going On - The Tremolons


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