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Various Artists: Texas Box - 1950s & 1960s Oddball Labels

Track List

>Wild Girl - Orville Couch
>Rice & Gravy - Link Davis
>Johnny Be Good - Link Davis
>Rockin' and Rollin' My Country Songs Away - Bill Boyd's Cowboy Ramblers
>Bull Moose - Jackie Dallas & The Tiaras
>Rock Moon Rock - Daniel James
>Come to the Party - Johnny Watson
>My Only One - Red Mansel
>Rock Cinderella - Rocky Williams
>Just for Tonight - Tommy Trent
>Mile to the Mailbox, A - Tommy Trent
>Reckless Romance - Hank Walker
>It's A'Reamer - Mike Pettit & the Stags
>Take This Message, Darling - Dick Barton and the Rebels
>Yes Baby, I'm Scared - Dick Barton and the Rebels
>I Get the Blues - Dick Barton and the Rebels
>Down the Line - The Tunemasters
>You Gotta Quit Cheatin' - Coye Wilcox
>Have a Ball - The Country Dudes
>Shake-Kum-Down - Dave Atkins & His Offbeats
>Speechless - The Catalinas
>Hot Seat - Bobby Doyle
>Ring a Ding Dong Dandy - Jo Ann Reynolds
>Baby, Baby, Baby - Charles Blackwell/Blackwell Twins
>That's My Baby - Charles Blackwell/Blackwell Twins
>Shockwave - Danny Roland
>Orbit With Me - Sonny Sheather & the Stardusters
>Get Away - Bud Landon & The Rhythm Masters
>Six Mile Climb - Bud Landon & The Rhythm Masters
>Running Man - Bud Landon & The Rhythm Masters
>Walking - Bud Landon & The Rhythm Masters
>Shame - Johnny Brown & the Plainsmen
>My Baby's Gone - Roland A. Faulk
>Milk Shake Mademoiselle - Bill Dorton/Don Phillips
>Baby You're Mine - Ronnie Martin
>Forty Days - Wes Reynolds
>Dixie Doodle Dandy - Bobby Gray
>Gertrude - Meredith Neal
>Just a Mean Mean Mamma - Hank Mills
>When I Was a Little Boy - Jerry Hanson
>Pistol Packin' Mama - The Knightsmen - (featuring Sue Black)
>Koolit - The Rhythm Rebels/Tommy Blake
>You Can't Stop Her - Lucky Boggs & the Tune Toppers
>Big Foot Annie - Don Boots/The Western Swing Band
>Midnight Train - Jim Hadley & Drifter's Rangers
>Midnight Train [Version] - Jim Hadley & Drifter's Rangers
>Across the Bay - Joe Richie
>Bubble Gum Boogie - Curley Rash & His South Texas Playboys
>Stop at the Hop - Don Eee
>Little Rome - Max Alexander & the Hi-Fi Combo
>Honky Tonkin Baby - Bob Smith & His Bobcats
>Goodbye Johnny - Stoney Kilroy & La-Sabers
>Moo Mama - Ben Hall & Country Drifters
>Twi-light Zone - Johnny Wilson
>Hollywood Rock - Al Turnage & the Turnpikes
>I've Got the Downhearted Blues - Lee Rose
>I'm Going to Hollywood - Gene Ray/Dusty Miller & His Colorado Wranglers
>Too Old to Rock and Roll - Chucklin Chuck Sloan/The Dukes of Greenville
>You Gotta Show Me - Ralph Lane & the Whitey Four
>Rock & Roll Fever - Gene Ray
>Thermostat Baby - The Shenandoah Valley Rangers/Harry Peppel
>B.O. Rock - Perry LaPointe/The Orange Playboys
>Party Date - Carl Canida
>Married Man Blues - Earl Wright & Texas Oldtimers
>Whirlin Twerlin Rock - Bill Duncan
>Run Baby Run - Claude King
>Finding You - Dan Kubiak & the Sound Waves
>Chicken Run - Alfredo Mendieta
>Mean Woman - Freddie Fender
>Judy - The Chancellers
>Date on the Corner - Don Feger
>Don't Be Mad - Don Feger
>Look Out Baby - Don Feger/The Embers
>She's Just That Kind - Buck Fowler
>Uh-Uh - Guy Brown/Ray Campi
>What Makes This Old World Go Round - Johnny Maxwell & the Rhythmmasters/Betty Smith
>Yeah, Baby - Johnny Maxwell & the Rhythmmasters/Betty Smith
>Dancin' Girl - Eddie Eay/Frankie & the Rocks
>Rakin and Scrapin - Dean Beard/Crewcats
>Lovin Honey - Gene Morris/The Pages
>Honey You Talk Too Much - Orville Fox & the Harmony Masters
>Rolly Polly - Duane Schurb
>Drive in Baby - Clyde Easley
>Go Boy - Floyd Lee
>Draggin' the Drive-Inn's - Cookie Roberts
>Suds - J. Gale & the Games
>Little Jewell - The Clefs/Bill Taylor
>Hootchi Cootchi Man - Gaylon Christie Downbeats
>Don't Be Funny Honey - Dickie "Bird" Newland
>What Do We Do Now - Joe Morgan
>Prissy Missy - Dale McBride/Jimmy Heap
>Pearly Mae - Jimmy Heap/Dickie "Bird" Newland
>Wombie Zombie - The Tear Drops/Billy Taylor
>One Way Ticket - Bobby Crown & The Kapers
>Countdown 1-2-3 - The Twisters
>Speed Limit - The Twisters
>Crazy Alligator - Irvin Russ
>Bandstand Rocket - The Twisters
>Elvis Stole My Gal - Huey Long
>Why Don't You Get On the Woo Wagon With Me' - Leroy Jenkins
>Oh! Moon - The Ferrell Brothers/Terry & Ann
>Country Style Twist - Dale Lay
>I'm Gonna Tell On You - George Fleming
>Shake, The - George Fleming
>Cape Canaveral - Monte Mead
>Rhythm Feet - Carroll "Wild Red" Pegues/The Bi-Stones/Ray & Red
>Don't Monkey With Somebody Else's Monkey - Carroll "Wild Red" Pegues/The Bi-Stones/Ray & Red
>Back to School - Randell Karber
>Jump, The - Charlie Cuevas/Richie Richardson/The Jaguars
>Silly Sally - Sammy Lara & the Skytones
>Let's Dance - The Excels
>Walking the Dog - The Excels
>Rock Me - David Dunn
>Sugar Baby - Mike "Keys" Martinez & the Impressions
>That Is Why - Harold Casner
>Vampire Daddy - Jerry Bryan
>Walking Out - Jerry Bryan
>Carla Blues - Tommie Tolleson
>Gulf Coast Twist, The - Tommie Tolleson
>One Man Band -Black Lights, The - Tommie Tolleson
>Travelin' - The Moderns/Jim Francis
>Mary, Mary, Mary Jane - Skeet Williams/Bob Halton' Swing Kings
>Mad Twistin' Fever
>Don't Be Shy - Gary Middleton/The Excellos
>Made in the Shade - Gene Dunlap & the Jokers
>While You're Young - Rick Harrington/Gene Dunlap & the Jokers
>Please Don't Doubt My Love - Jimmy Dart/Gene Dunlap & the Jokers
>If I Had Me a Woman - Blacky Vale
>Goshamody Whatabody - Damangos/Glen Goza
>Sharpest Little Girl - The Benders
>Come On - Gerald Wells/The Torquays
>Tore Up - Joyce Lee/Dale & Paul, the Western Cousins
>Forgetting the Blues - Western Swingsters
>Everybody Wants You - Wanda Wolfe/Weldon Rogers
>Theres Gonna Be a Party - Bobby Gray
>I' ll Never Get Rich - Darrell Stadtler & the Paddlewheels
>That Cat - Tommy Brown
>Don't Want Your Money, Honey - Jerry Lynn
>Make Me Dance Little Ant - Joe Hughes
>Rock'n Roll Santa - Little Joey Farr
>I Don't Care - Eddie Cleary
>Think It Over Baby - Eddie Cleary
>Meet Miss Susie - Eddie Cleary/The Customs
>Aquagell Blues - Woody Burch
>Good, Good Lovin' - The Relyea's
>Rugged Rock, The - The Relyea's
>Satellite Fever Asiatic Flu - Lonnie Miley
>Wine, Wine, Wine - Bobby Osborn & His Classic III
>Folsom Prison Blues - Chivells/Billy Tidwell
>Out Yonder - Ray Mitcham
>Up Town - Sunny & the Sunglows
>Beat Back Baby - The Citations/Bobby Canton
>Stone Henge - The Mods
>I Love Girls - Tampellas
>Man, What a Party - Walton & The Silver Lake Boys
>Come On Baby - Bruce Channel
>Hot Rod Ford - D.Y. & The Motivators
>Hillbilly Man - Carl Stevens
>Gonna Find Some Lovin' - The Blue Velvets/Charlie Booth
>Come Home - Duane Gray
>Wild Hog Hop - Bennie Hess
>Save Me Your Love - Donald Simpson & the Rockenettes
>Pick 'em Up and Shake 'em Up - Border Boys/Cecil McCullough
>Push, The - Lewis Lindsey
>Ricky Tic - Gun Shots/Al Davis
>Go Baby Go - Al Davis/The Blackouts
>Duck Tail Cat - Dan Virva & the Flying "D" Ramblers
>Truck Driver's Special - Lonnie Lillie
>Whole Lot of Shakin' Going On - The Centurys
>Lookie -Lookie -Lookie - K.C. Grand & the Shades
>For You - Sid Starr & the Escorts
>Rock-A-Tones Wicked, The - Mike Sanchez
>Ramshackled Shack - Circle C Band/Lee Harmond
>Cry Woman Cry - Larry Wheeler
>Hey Babe - Johnny Denton/Harold Sharp & Band
>I'll Be Leavin' You - Turner Moore/Charley Moore & the Crystals
>I'm a Road Runner - The Fabulous Wanderers
>Be-Bop Blues - Earl Epps
>Look at You Go - Danny Ross
>You're Wrong - Johnny Garmon & Shadows
>Shadows Dance, The - Johnny Garmon & Shadows
>Cool Baby - Lee Cole & the Beau Jesters
>Baby I Won' t Keep Waitin' - Bill Blevins
>Crazy Blues - Bill Blevins
>Rock and Roll in the Groove - Cledus Harrison
>Let's All Rock and Roll - Joe Lombardie & the Cats
>I'm Gonna Spin My Wheels - Hank the Drifter
>Grasshopper - Link Davis
>Our Love Will Last - Paul Zuma
>Betty Lou's Got a New Tattoo - The Creep
>I'm Wise - The Creep
>I'm Packing My Duds & I'm Head-in South - Eddy Marvin
>Oklahoma Baby - Don Fowler/The Country Timers
>Blast Off - Star Chiefs
>Hours With the Owls - George Wormington
>Rocket Rollin' Blues - Bill Howell & His Guitar
>Baby Let's Think of Love - Clayton Dale Stepp
>I'm Still Loving You - Clayton Dale Stepp
>Rolling Stone - Larry OKeefe
>Teen Age Bop - Nightcats/Rocky Night & His Night Cats
>No Doubt About It - Ray Doggett & the Counts
>Johnny B. Good - Johnny Canales
>Baby I Want Another Date With You - The County Playboys/Mack & Gwen
>Nervous Wreck - Jesse Lee King and His Crowns
>Rock and Roll Rover - Jesse Lee King and His Crowns
>Forty Nine Women - Jerry Irby
>Rock and Roll Tonight - Western Rhythmaires/Bashfull Vic Thomas
>Real Rockin Daddy - Hoyle Nix And His West Texas Cowboys/Jay-Bob Howdy
>Texarkana Baby - Jimmy Gatlin & the Yellow Jackets
>Wild Little Willy - The Velvets
>My Baby's Fine - Bobby & the Fifths
>Lost Train - The Jades
>Dirty, Dirty Feeling - Denny Ezba
>Is This the Place - The Royal Lancers
>You're Gonna Reap What You Sow - Ray Strong
>Woman I Love, The - Gene Terry & His Kool Kats
>Tip, Tap and Tell Me - Gene Terry & His Kool Kats
>You Better Go Now - Beamon Forse
>Everywhere I Go - The Starfires
>Mean Mean Mama - Charlie Brown & His Lazy V-Hands
>Don' t Put the Blame on Me - Charlie Brown & His Cisco Kids
>Have You Heard the Gossip - Charlie Brown & His Cisco Kids
>Let's Take a Ride - C.L. Weldon & Pictures
>Cadillac Boogie - Mel Douglas/The Nu-Notes
>Long Gone Daddy - Dale Oliver
>These Lonely Years - Ernie Glenn & the Happy Go Lucky Cowboys
>Road Runner, The - Buddy Wayne & The V Dells
>What Made Maggie Run - Buddy Wayne & The V Dells
>What Will the Answer Be - Bailey Anderson/The Satin Gentlemen
>Rambler, The - Lee Harris
>My Baby's Acting Kind'a Strange - Lee Harris
>Blonds, Brunettes or Redheads - Jerry Arnold
>Race for Time - Jerry Arnold & the Rhythm Captains
>High Classed Baby - Jerry Arnold & the Rhythm Captains
>I Got Me a Woman - Rockin Ramblers/Buddy Miller
>Rock and Roll Irene - Rockin Ramblers/Buddy Miller
>Little Bo Pete - Rockin Ramblers/Buddy Miller
>She Loves Me Better - Riley Crabtree
>Monkey's Uncle - The Tom Toms/Jac & Jay
>Mercy, Little Baby - The Passions
>Wild Woody - The Falcons/Bob Steffek
>Hard Hat - Jim Worley
>Mister Rock & Roll - Star Combo
>Cherokee Stomp - Bobby Tidwell/The Kiamichi Mountain Boys
>Tongue Twister Boogie - Louisiana Lannis
>Rock Out of This World - Joe Norris
>Space Dance - Royce Simpson
>Could You Loan Me Five - Roy Singer
>Pretty Linda - The Ravens/Rudy Owen
>Big Heart - Jack Grisham
>I'm Goin' Surfin' - The Embers
>What Would You Do - Betty Barnes And The Four Shadows
>Cat Man Boogie - Sandy Ford
>Honey, Honey - Dottie Jones
>Pink Bow Tie - Jerry Dove
>I Love Her So - Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes
>Living Myself to Death - Chuck Goddard
>China Doll - Ray Stone
>I Got It Bad - Cecil Moore
>She's Gone, Gone - Bernie Vale
>Little Jeanie - Delatones
>Set Me Free - Bill Morrison & His Band
>Baby Be Good - Bill Morrison & His Band
>Mississippi Central - Joe B. & Charlie Davis
>Shut Your Big Fat Mouth - Joe B. & Charlie Davis
>Fluffy Dog - Joe B. & Charlie Davis
>Live It Up - The Sundowners
>Airliner - The Cajuns/Link Davis
>Permit Blues - The Cajuns/Link Davis
>I Ain't Givin Up Nothin - Jimmy "Frenchie" Dee
>Broken Heart - The Moonlighters
>Rock-A-Bayou Baby - The Moonlighters
>Oh Baby Doll - Kirby St. Romain
>Recorded in England - Rod Bernard
>Red Dress - Johnny Huskey & The King Bees
>VW - Comancheroes/Jim Dale
>Misery - Jacky Lee & Jay Brinkley Combo
>Blues Party - Garry Goodgion
>Lost Without You - Jan Faggard/Johnny Winter's Band & the Wanderers
>Teaser - Chuck Davis
>Zzztt, Zzztt, Zzztt - Wink Lewis/Buzz Busby
>Honey, Honey, Honey - Avon & The Rave-Ons
>Teen Queen - Avon & The Rave-Ons
>Little Red Rockin' Hood - Dodi & Dot
>Blue Feeling - Euel Hall & the Rhythm Rockers
>Stand in Line - Euel Hall & the Rhythm Rockers
>Chug-A-Lug - Ideals/Bobby Doyle
>Town of No Return - Johnny Lee/The Roadrunners
>Will of Love, The - Tooter Boatman/The Chaparrals
>Mean Mean Woman - The Twisters
>Sue Sue Baby - The Customs/Ron Williams
>Hepcat Boogie - Fletcher Hanna/Red "Joe" Rayner/The Ozark Playboys
>Let's Do It - Futuras/Lawrence Flippo
>Honey Blonde - Ronnie Ellis & the Originals
>None of Your Business - Marvin Paul
>Kitty Kat Korner - Bob Baker
>Turned on the Ice - Bob Baker
>Way I Feel About You, The - The Continentals/Kenneth Trent
>I'm in Love - The Continentals/Kenneth Trent
>Fragile Heart - Al Dean & the All Stars
>Rock-It - Tommy Hudson & Savoys
>Charmaine - Frantic Freddie & the Pro-Teens
>I' ve Got a Girl - Spot Barnett Orchestra/Garland Davis
>Breaking My Heart - Al Epp & the Pharoahs
>Hey, Jo Baby - Jack Arnold & the Chalecos
>Round Rock Boogie - The Relyea's
>Country Boy - The Relyea's
>She's Mine - The Rebel Combo/Paul Huffman
>When I'm Gone - Wayland Seals/The Oil Patch Boys
>Ain't Goin' Home - Telli W. Mils/Fat Cat Voodoo
>Crazy Crazy - The Zircons
>Oil Patch Blues - Wayland Seals
>Four O'Clock Baby - Darrell Rhodes and the Falcons
>Lou Lou - Darrell Rhodes
>I Thought About You - Darrell Rhodes
>What's Wrong With You - Jimmy Fletcher
>I Craw Fished - Gene Morris
>Cruisin' - The Cruisers
>Play It Cool - Jan Moore
>You've Got Me Worried - Jimmy Kriss
>Runnin' and Chasin' - Darrell Rhodes
>How Much Do You Miss Me - Harold Montgomery/Ray Johnson Band
>Alley Cat - Walter Brown & His Band
>Jelly Roll Rock - Walter Brown & His Band


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