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Fourscore/Kim Maerkl/August Zirner: A Dream of Jazz [Digipak]

Track List

>West Side
>Don & John
>Val's in the Alley
>Summer in Cleveland
>Lesson, The
>Swing Bridge Blues
>Euclid Beach
>Band Competition
>Dave's Bass
>Invitation, The
>Announcement, The
>On the Radio

Album Remarks & Appraisals:

A Dream Of Jazz takes the listener on a historic and tuneful ride to Cleveland in the 1940's. The city, jazz, and friendship are celebrated through the eyes of the teenage friends Don and John. Their thoughts are filled with nothing but jazz, and their troubles are carried away on the magic carpet of the music. The spirit and power of jazz are captured in Kim Maerkl's compelling production. Her original compositions combined with the smooth storytelling voice of renowned Austro-American actor August Zirner, and the sophisticated playing of the band Fourscore is a musical treat for jazz lovers of any age.


Jazz Lives
Jazz is not dead. This is a departure for Kim Maerkl's usual stories involving classical music. And what a departure. She is equally comfortable writing jazz music. This CD will have you tapping your toes.
Submitted on 12/30/16 by jwpi 
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