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Simon Scott (Slowdive): Insomni *

Track List

>Angel from the Sea Kissed Me, An
>Holme Posts
>Confusion in Her Eyes
>Oaks Grow Strong
>Nettle Bed
>Fen Drove
>Far from the Tree

Album Notes

Since 2009, Slowdive drummer Simon Scott has been tirelessly active as an ambient artist, creating soundscapes using found sounds, guitars, and electronics. His numerous solo recordings (as well as collaborations with the likes of Taylor Deupree and Dag Rosenqvist) have seen him exploring the more experimental elements present in Slowdive albums such as Pygmalion, emphasizing thick, smoggy distortion and occasionally returning to that band's melancholic shoegaze (especially on 2011's Bunny). As with Scott's previous full-length, Below Sea Level (released by Deupree's 12k label in 2012), Insomni combines field recordings and glitchy electronics with distorted guitars, venturing into Tim Hecker/Fennesz-like melodic noise territory, particularly on opening track "An Angel from the Sea Kissed Me." The most surprising element to Insomni, however, is the addition of clear acoustic guitar melodies, which are more prominently used during the album's second half. Songs such as "Far from the Tree" combine plaintive, forlorn folk melodies with electro-acoustic timbres in a manner similar to Australian musician Anonymeye/Andrew Tuttle, resulting in gorgeous, occasionally devastating laments. Insomni finds Simon Scott adding new dimensions to his sound, stripping back some of the noise and reflecting on nature, producing some of his best solo work yet. ~ Paul Simpson


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