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D.O.A.: Smash the State: The Raw Original D.O.A. 1978-81

Album Notes

Unquestionably, the top Canadian punk export of all-time is the great DOA. Long led by the always colorful Joey Shithead, the group has been marching to the beat of its own drummer since the late '70s -- and along the way, has penned countless punk anthems and logged some serious road miles. The group has long been considered one of the top live punk acts of all time -- especially during their formative years, which is the exact era that the 2007 DVD, DOA 1978-1985: Smash the State, focuses on. While most of the footage is made up of single cam shots (and hand-helds), the quality of the footage and sound is surprisingly good -- perfectly capturing the high energy youthfulness of the lads back in the day. Included are eight ditties from a great 1980 performance at the famed San Francisco venue On Broadway -- the same venue that the Dead Kennedys would film a show four years later and release as DMPO's on Broadway -- including fine readings of such classics as "New Age," but also, best-forgotten songs like (get ready for this Shakespearean-esque song title) "Let's Fuck." Elsewhere, you'll find standout renditions of "World War 3," "The Enemy," and "D.O.A." from additional San Fran shows from 1981, plus priceless footage of a 1979 TV news report on "the state of punk," as well as DOA attempting to play "Anarchist Anti-Canada" day in 1978 at what appears to be a park, and having to sweet talk their way out of getting the gig shut down by Mounties. Overall, 1978-1985: Smash the State contains must-see footage for not only DOA fans, but also those who want an historical view of the punk scene of the late '70s and early '80s (which many would agree were punk's best days). ~ Greg Prato


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