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Horde Catalytique Pour la Fin: Gestation Sonore

Album Notes

This was the only album by this French improvisational quartet, originally released by the legendary Futura label in 1971. Going one step further than free jazz into more avant-garde realms, Horde Catalytique worked under a principal of complete sound gestation (hence the title of this work), in that nothing was predetermined or planned in these pieces, but rather the group members spontaneously created the music as they played. A number of different instruments create various amorphous and abstract sounds on the four tracks of Gestation Sonore. The music is highly inventive and original, similar in some ways to the Music Improvisation Company or AMM, though unique in its own right. At times relaxed and languorous, at others the album cuts loose into squall and skronk, as the group throws a lot of different moods into the pieces, which nonetheless flow quite organically together. Gestation Sonore is a fascinating album for those who want to explore beyond conventional jazz. ~ Rolf Semprebon


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