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Tapage: Five & Six *

Track List

>One of Five
>One of Six
>Three of Five
>Four of Six
>Two of Five
>Five of Six
>Three of Six
>Five of Five
>Two of Six
>Six of Six
>Four of Five

Album Notes

Five & Six is the third numerically themed release from Dutch electronic artist Tapage, and like its predecessors Seven and Eight, the album is less intense and menacing than the artist's more hardcore early material, but it still demonstrates his knack for adventurous sound design and composition. While Seven and Eight found him venturing into downtempo and trip-hop waters, Five & Six generally returns to skittering, uptempo beats, framing ever-shifting sound arrangements and chiming tones with stilted rhythms. The tracks are all either five- or six-minutes long, and the "five" tracks are all noticeably in 5/4 time. The album's lush melodies seem to constantly spiral upward, giving the music a feeling of skyward expansion and optimism. "Four of Six" contains the album's steadiest 4/4 techno beat, but even this is riddled with stutters and glitches, emphasizing the adventurous spirit of the track. "Three of Six" contains one of the only appearances of vocals on the album, chopping up a woman's voice (which strangely reveals the phrase "cut off a piece of my beautiful beard" at the song's end) and elevating the frequency of kick drums as the track progresses. "Two of Six" has even more audacious experiments with complex polyrhythms, making the track somewhat of a puzzle to follow, but certainly a rewarding one. Five & Six is an endlessly inventive album that finds Tapage continuing to showcase his boundless creativity. ~ Paul Simpson


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