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Peter Gregson: Touch - music for analogue synthesizer, cello, piano & string orchestra [CD & Blu-Ray Audio]

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>Gregson, Peter : Touch, for analogue synthesiser, cello, piano & string orchestra
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TOUCH follows on from my previous album, Lights in the Sky. It comprises eight tracks for analogue synthesiser, cello, piano, and string orchestra. Where Lights in the Sky was saturated, sonically intense, almost 'spoilt brat'-ish sound, Touch has a more refined palette of sounds. Composers are often asked what their music is about, especially with instrumental music such as this. To me, it sort of defeats the purpose and joy of listening to music. How do we interpret the emotion and meaning of music when we aren't hand held through listening, or guided by a lyric? Just because music is slow, doesn't mean that it is sad; just because it is fast, doesn't make it happy. The same goes for tonality: major music isn't intrinsically happy, minor music isn't exclusively sad. Yes, these can be devices for eliciting an emotional response, but they are not in and of themselves complete. For me, this is the magic of music. Where it isn't objectively about something, it becomes amorphous, changing shape and purpose to fit the ear and mind of the listener. It has many lives and many meanings, none of them right and none of them wrong

American Record Guide, November/December 2015
Peter Gregson is a fine cellist and composer. While listening to this eight-movement composition I found myself looking out my windows at the beautiful summer greenery and thinking how well his music matched the effect of nature. It may change markedly from day to day, particularly in a summer like this one where every rainstorm causes the scenery to shift markedly in color and size; but while you watch it, or in this case listen to it, things don't seem to be altering, just bouncing around and enjoying the sunshine. Gregson's music has character. It just doesn't go places but turns up with a new look every day. Gregson plays with sensitivity, and the chamber orchestra joins him well. The recording is sonorous and clear. If a spot of nature turns you on, give it a try.

Notes & Reviews:

Recording information: Sono Luminus Studios, Boyce, Virginia (02/16/2015-02/21/2015).


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>Gregson, Peter : Touch, for analogue synthesiser, cello, piano & string orchestra
  • Performers: Esme Allen-Creighton (Viola); Ali Cook (Double Bass); Sarah d'Angelo (Violin); Henry Flory (Violin); Peter Gregson (Piano); Douglas Jameson (Cello); Eunice Kim (Violin); Derek Powell (Violin); Dana Rokosny (Viola)
  • Running Time: 98 min. 12 sec.
  • Period Time: Contemporary