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Per Gudmundson: Säckpipa [Digipak]

Track List

>Polska Fraøn Sa"fsna"s
>Springlek Efter Troskari Erik
>Brudmarch Fraøn A"ppelbo
>Na"r Barnen Mister Mor Och Far
>Brudmarsch Efter Nedergaørds Lars
>Polska Efter Nedergaørds Lars
>Schottis Fraøn Lima
>Polska Efter Oppigaørds Lars
>Polska Efter Oppigaørds Lars
>Gycklarpolskan Av Peter Ersson
>Polska Efter Erik A"ng
>Gaønglaøt Efter Skommar Far
>Brudvals Fraøn Enviken
>Jag Blaøste I Min Pipa
>"Danslaøt" Och Polska Fraøn Smaøland
>Guckulaøt Efter Josefs Lars
>Brudmarsch Fraøn Naøs
>Vallaøt Fraøn Lima
>Ekelöv Och Lindelöv
>Nås Polska Efter Josefs Lars

Album Remarks & Appraisals:

A record with Swedish folk music - played on a bagpipe from Dalecarlia! This was unheard of when these recordings were made during 1982/83. The bagpipe being an instrument with Swedish traditions is a rather unknown fact for most people today. On this album Per Gudmundson plays on a type of bagpipe that could still be heard at the beginning of the last century. The specific instrument on this album is based on two older bagpipes from the Western part of Dalecarlia and is a result of a collaboration between Per and the instrument builder Leif Eriksson. Here we can hear the bagpipe alone, but also together with vocals (Agneta Stolpe) and other folk instruments like the violin, the lira, the zither and the harmonica. All played by well-known Swedish folk musicians like Magnus and Ola Bäckström, Jan Winter and Erik and Ingrid Ingels. The bagpipe is used in a more contemporary context, inspired by modern Swedish folk music. Extra tracks are added on this release.

Album Notes

Liner Note Authors: Per Gudmundson; Magnus Backstrom.

Recording information: Cassels Aula, Grängesberg (1982-1983).


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