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Verdi: Rigoletto / Miriam Pirazzin, Richard Tucker, Ivan Sardi, Renato Capecchi, Gianni D'Angelo. Molinari-Prandelli, Teatro San Carlo (rec. Napoli, 1959)

Audio Samples

  1. Verdi — Rigoletto, Act I: Prelude (Live) $0.99 on iTunes
  2. Verdi — Rigoletto, Act I: Della mia bella incognita borghese (Live) $0.99 on iTunes
  3. Verdi — Rigoletto, Act I: Questa o quella per me pari sono (Live) $0.99 on iTunes
  4. Verdi — Rigoletto, Act I: Partite?. crudele! (Live) $0.99 on iTunes
  5. Verdi — Rigoletto, Act I: in testa che avete, signor di Ceprano? (Live) $0.99 on iTunes
  6. Verdi — Rigoletto, Act I: Voi congiuraste contro noi, signore (Live) $0.99 on iTunes
  7. Verdi — Rigoletto, Act I: Quel vecchio maledivami! (Live) $0.99 on iTunes
  8. Verdi — Rigoletto, Act I: Pari siamo! (Live) $0.99 on iTunes
  9. Verdi — Rigoletto, Act I: Figlia!… Mio padre! (Live) $0.99 on iTunes
  10. Verdi — Rigoletto, Act I: Deh non parlare al misero (Live) $0.99 on iTunes
  11. Verdi — Rigoletto, Act I: Già da tre lune son qui venuta (Live) $0.99 on iTunes
  12. Verdi — Rigoletto, Act I: Veglia, o donna, questo fiore (Live) $0.99 on iTunes
  13. Verdi — Rigoletto, Act I: Giovanna, ho dei rimorsi (Live) $0.99 on iTunes
  14. Verdi — Rigoletto, Act I: Gualtier Maldè. Caro nome (Live) $0.99 on iTunes
  15. Verdi — Rigoletto, Act I: Riedo!. perché? (Live) $0.99 on iTunes
  16. Verdi — Rigoletto, Act I: Soccorso, padre mio (Live) $0.99 on iTunes
  17. Verdi — Rigoletto, Act II: Ella mi fu rapita! (Live) $0.99 on iTunes
  18. Verdi — Rigoletto, Act II: Parmi veder le lagrime (Live) $0.99 on iTunes
  19. Verdi — Rigoletto, Act II: Duca, Duca? (Live) $0.99 on iTunes
  20. Verdi — Rigoletto, Act II: Povero Rigoletto! (Live) $0.99 on iTunes
  21. Verdi — Rigoletto, Act II: Cortigiani, vil razza dannata (Live) $0.99 on iTunes
  22. Verdi — Rigoletto, Act II: Mio padre! (Live) $0.99 on iTunes
  23. Verdi — Rigoletto, Act II: Parla. siam soli (Live) $0.99 on iTunes
  24. Verdi — Rigoletto, Act II: Tutte le feste al tempio (Live) $0.99 on iTunes
  25. Verdi — Rigoletto, Act II: Piangi, fanciulla (Live) $0.99 on iTunes
  26. Verdi — Rigoletto, Act II: Compiuto pur quanto a fare mi resta (Live) $0.99 on iTunes
  27. Verdi — Rigoletto, Act III: La donna è mobile (Live) $0.99 on iTunes
  28. Verdi — Rigoletto, Act III: Un dì, se ben rammentomi (Live) $0.99 on iTunes
  29. Verdi — Rigoletto, Act III: Povero giovin!. grazioso tanto (Live) $0.99 on iTunes
  30. Verdi — Rigoletto, Act III: Della vendetta (Live) $0.99 on iTunes
  31. Verdi — Rigoletto, Act III: Chi è mai, chi è qui in sua vece! (Live) $0.99 on iTunes

Album Summary

>Verdi, Giuseppe : Rigoletto
Conductor Ensemble Composer

Notes & Reviews:

The American Richard Tucker's ringing, clarion, enthusiastic tenor in its prime is a self-recommending statement; his presence on the world's opera stages and even on American television (search out footage of him singing under the razor-sharp control of the great Toscanini) always a joy to hear. This 1959 live Verdi Rigoletto from the Teatro San Carlo in Naples, Italy may, aside from Renato Capecchi and possibly Ivan Sardi, leave you amiss in the name-recognition department, but the cast and the sound, re-mastered and fine for its time and circumstance, will win listener's over.

American Record Guide, May/June 2016
Richard sings with the rich, steady tone that was his trademark. He is especially good in 'Parmi veder le lagrime', the aria most tenors name as the role's most difficult. In the title role, Renato Capecchi offers an excellent portrayal of the tragic jester. His voice sounds a bit more full in the lower register and he does not shy away from most of the high notes. His 'Cortigiani' aria finds him at his vocal and dramatic best. A very good Rigoletto. As Gilda, Gianna d'Angelo, one of the major coloraturas of the time, offers the typical coloratura Gilda with high notes aplenty. In the intervening years we have become accustomed to bigger sounds in this role from the likes of Joan Sutherland and Anna Moffo. D'Angelo sings a very moving Gilda, especially in the 'Tutte le feste' confession scene. The supporting cast is satisfactory, as are the orchestra and chorus.

Notes & Reviews:

Recording information: Napoli (1959).


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Works Details

>Verdi, Giuseppe : Rigoletto
  • Conductor: France Molinari-Pradelli
  • Ensemble: Orchestra e Coro del Teatro San Carlo
  • Running Time: 65 min. 29 sec.
  • Period Time: Romantic
  • Form: Opera/Operetta
  • Written: 1851
  • Studio/Live: Live