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Christine Lee: Musical Stories

Track List

>Prelude in C (Bach)
>Baroque & Bach Foundations
>Two Minuets in G (Bach)
>Bach's Family & Music
>Prelude in E (Bach)
>Motif in Three Melodies, A
>Fugue in E (Bach)
>Classical Rhyme and Reason
>Allegro Scherzando (Hadyn)
>Haydn's Musical Jokes
>Sonata in C (Haydn)
>Child Prodigy in Music, A
>Minuet in F (Mozart)
>Mozart's Musical Legacy
>Sonata in C (Mozart)
>Following in His Footsteps
>Fur Elise (Beethoven)
>Beethoven Deaf and Inspired
>Hunt, Sonata in E-Flat, The (Beethoven)
>Romantic Longing and Musical Poetry
>Waltz in C Minor (Chopin)
>Tender Chopin
>Puppy Dog Waltz (Chopin)
>Debussy's Musical Impressions
>Reverie (Debussy)
>For the Love of His Daughter
>Golliwogg's Cakewalk (Debussy)


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