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Spirits Burning: Starhawk

Track List

>Our Crash - (featuring Matt Malley/Nigel Mazlyn Jones/Doug Erickson/Judge Smith/Jack Gold-Molina/Billy Sherwood)
>I Have Two Names - (featuring Doug Erickson/Jerry Jeter/Kev Ellis/Jack Gold-Molina/Billy Sherwood)
>Jigsawman Flies a Jigsawship - (featuring Steve York/Jerry Jeter/Keith Christmas/Detlev Everling/Nat Carsten)
>Live Forever - (featuring Bridget Wishart/Steffe Sharpstrings/Kev Ellis/Michael Clare/Emma Mackenzie/Scotty Smith)
>My Life of Voices - (featuring Alan Davey/Igor Abuladze)
>Let's All Go Cloud Puffing
>Stellar Kingdom - (featuring Matt Malley/Bridget Wishart/Cyrille Verdeaux/Jerry Jeter/Detlev Everling/Nat Carsten)
>Spaceships at the Starting Line - (featuring Bert Mackenzie/Emma Mackenzie/Nik Turner)
>We Move You - (featuring Jay Tausig/John Ellis/Nik Turner)
>Tripping With the Royal Family - (featuring Judge Smith/Alan Davey/Paul Sears)
>Xara's Poem - (featuring Don Falcone/Alan Davey/Alan Bole/Emma Mackenzie)
>For Those Who Are Searching - (featuring Bridget Wishart/Dave Anderson/Richard Wileman/Ileesha Bailey)
>Rolling Out - (featuring Cyrille Verdeaux/Pierce McDowell/Mark Poulin)
>Angel Full of Pity - (featuring Kev Ellis/Karen Anderson/Jack Gold-Molina/Mark Poulin)
>Right on the Mark - (featuring Bridget Wishart/Cyndee Lee Rule/Steve York/Jerry Jeter/Jerry Richards/Paul Sears)
>This Time, This Space - (featuring Dave Anderson/Richard Wileman/Ileesha Bailey/Jerry Jeter/Nat Carsten)
>So Strong Is Desire - (featuring Daevid Allen/Alder/Karen Anderson/Michael Clare/Giorgio Neri/Scotty Smith)


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