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Various Artists: The Ultimate Acid Dreams Collection [Box]

Track List

>Question of Temperature - The Balloon Farm
>You'll Love Me Again - The Music Machine
>Anxious Color - The Painted Faces
>Velvet Illusions - Velvet Illusions
>Cry Cry Cry - The Unrelated Segments
>Set Me Free - The Outcasts/Outcasts
>Born Loser - Murphy & The Mob
>No Friend of Mine - The Sparkles
>Frustration - Painted Ship
>Maid of Sugar, Maid of Spice - Mouse & the Traps
>Be Forewarned - Macabre
>I'm a Living Sickness - Calico Wall
>Acid Head - Velvet Illusions
>William - White Lightning
>1523 Blair - The Outcasts/Outcasts
>I Need You - Zakary Thaks
>Little White Lies - Painted Ship
>Louie Louie - The Swamp Rats/Swamp Rats
>It's Unfair - The Unrelated Segments
>Black Lightning Light - The Shy Guys
>Dark Corner, A - The Bourbons
>Help I'm Lost - Mind's Eye/The Mind's Eye
>On the Road South - Stereo Shoestrings
>Can You Hear Your Daddy's Footsteps - Zakary Thaks
>Cuttin' Grass - The Caretakers Of Deception
>Painted Air - The Remaining Few
>Suzy Creamcheese - Teddy & His Patches
>Hashish - Indian Puddin' & Pipe
>Train Kept a Rolling - The Rogues
>Stop and Listen - The Shag
>Dinah Wants Religion - The Fabs
>Suicidal Flowers - Crystal Chandelier
>Night of the Sadist - Larry & the Blue Notes
>I Must Run - Phil & the Frantics
>Green Fuz - Richard Alvey/The Green Fuz
>Vox Wah-Wah Commercial - The Electric Prunes
>My Soup Won't Float - The Regiment
>Let's Take a Trip - Godfrey & Friends
>To Find Out - The Keggs
>She Was Mine - Beaux Gens/Beaux Jens
>My Confusion - The Elites/The Elite
>I Belong to Nobody - Soul, Inc.
>Horror Asparagus Stories - The Driving Stupid
>She's So Sorry - The Journey Men
>No Good Woman - The Tree
>Yesterday's Hero - The Satyrs
>Till You Get What You Want - Phil & the Frantics
>Reason to Complain - The Alarm Clocks
>Wanna Be With You - Yesterday's Children
>Cry a Little Longer - The Grodes
>We Sell Soul - The Spades
>Open Your Eyes - The Avengers
>Flight 13 - The Dearly Beloved
>Who Do You Love - The Preachers
>Creature - The Sweet Acids
>Beaver Control - The Wilde Knights
>Rich With Nothing - The Split Ends
>City Jungle - The Beautiful Daze
>It Ain't True - Faine Jade
>Spoofin' - Little Bits/The Little Bits
>One Million People - Kandy Kolored Konspiracy
>Hurricane Fighter Plane - The Red Crayola
>Look Out Now - Cellars
>Searching - The Undertakers
>Rosa Lynn - Astral Projection
>Mississippi Mama - Owen B.
>What Am I to Do? - The Invicta Way
>Eternal Prison - The Humane Society
>Get Back Home - Majority One
>Midnight Mines - The Survivors
>Lost - Muffetts
>Eat Your Hot Dog Boy - Tomorrow's Keepsake
>Dirty Old Man - 'Twas Brillig
>Ritual Melody, A - Black River Circus
>Summer - The Lemon Fog
>Blue Avenue - Kindred Spirit
>No Creas en la Mujer - Los Belmonts/The Belmonts
>Fast Retreatin' Female - Charlie Brown's Generation
>Worryin' Kind - The Regents
>Don't Ask Why - The Skunks
>You Make Me Fly - The Flower Power
>Scene in Between, A - The Stained Glass
>Shades of Blue - Purple Haze
>Red Fuzz, The - The Growing Society
>Incense and Peppermints - Little Bit of Sound
>Ha Lese (Le Di Khanna) - New Life/The New Life
>One Kind Favor - John Does
>Sunshine Day - The Flower Power
>Let's Get with It - The New Arrivals
>Illusions of a Party - Fox & The Roadrunners
>Take My Thoughts Away - King Biscuit Entertainers
>Where You Gonna Go? - The Unrelated Segments
>Shadows - The Vejtables


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