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Lesiman/Paolo Renosto: Here & Now, Vol. 1 & 2 [Slipcase]

Track List

>Here and Now: Bagliori
>Here and Now: Impulsi
>Here and Now: Cerchio Doppio
>Here and Now: Moto Centripeto
>Here and Now: Via Nell'Autunno
>Here and Now: Direzioni
>Here and Now: Segni Cromatici
>Here and Now: Colloquio
>Here and Now: Terminale
>Here and Now: Le Regole Del Gioco
>Here and Now: Rollin'
>Here and Now: Melos Blue
>Here and Now: Passaggio
>Here and Now: Relazioni
>Here and Now: Permanenza
>Here and Now: Controcorrente
>Here and Now: Radura
>Here and Now: Confronto
>Here and Now: Messaggio
>Here and Now: Telescrivente
>Here and Now: Stabilita'
>Here and Now: Schegge
>Here and Now: Diversioni
>Here and Now: Derivazione
>Here and Now: Plycar
>Here and Now: Cristalli
>Here and Now: Ciclo Interrotto
>Here and Now: Ripresa

Album Remarks & Appraisals:

"Music especially created for films, television, radio, publicity and industrial use". Despite the disclaimer attaching to these two records this is top quality material (even if often hidden behind weird and mysterious titles), which can't be compared to anything released in recent times. Paolo Renosto (1935-88), the person behind the moniker Lesiman and the author of these two albums, was an artist with the amazing skill of mixing together pop(ular) atmospheres and learned quotes. Renosto/Lesiman created many high profile and now very rare collector items, deserving to be rediscovered.

Album Notes

Liner Note Author: Stefano Gilardino.


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