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Various Artists: Hits Aus den Bergen

Track List

>Rock Mi - Die Edlseer
>Gewaltig - Zillertaler Haderlumpen
>Moment Mal - Stefanie Hertel
>Home Is at Home - Florian Silbereisen
>We Sing Bella Musica - Geschwister Hofmann
>On the Madln-Ready-Go - The Boys Mölltaler
>Lonely in the Saturday night - Mario Steffen
>Fairytale Eyes - Oliver Thomas
>Do Not Say Addieu - Tomaros
>Love, What Else - Stefan Moll
>Say Yes to Me - Daniel & Steffen
>Lust for Life - Marilena
>Take Time to Dream - Ekki Göpelt
>But You There's Only One for Me - Patrizius
>Our Country - Marianne & Michael
>True Lads Kissing Good - Poacher
>What Were - Stixi & Sonja
>My Love Forever - Duo Barbados
>Child of the Mountains - Geri Der Klostertaler
>What We Wärn Without Friends - Alpine Flyer
>Caprifischer - Heino
>Best Is Yet to Come, The - Kathrin & Peter
>Wiesich Mohda, The - The Zillertal Band
>Folk Music Was Yesterday - Carina
>You Got Me Verzaubert - Reiner Kirsten
>Ave Maria - Stefan Mross/Die Kleine Bergkirche
>Kufstein Song - Maria & Margot Hellwig
>You're Not Engerl, You're Not Teuferl - Original Zillertal Sound
>Summer - Marlena Martinelli
>My Oberkrain - Ansambel Zupan
>Here in the Mountains - Rosi & Leo
>Two Little Sternderl - Edith Prock
>Cowboy Boots, Blue Jeans and You - Rainer Hoeglmeier
>Woschechter Salzburg, A - Salzburg Sound
>Dizzy (Before So Much Feeling) - Daniela Martinez
>But Hello Beautiful Girl - Sascha Heyna
>You Are the Jackpot My Life - Adler of Austria
>Viva Montagna - Die Bergkameraden
>Lieber Gruss, a Nice Word, A - Romy & Lothar Via Mala Duo
>Only True Love Counts - Marcel Schweizer


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