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The Dylan Group: Ur-Klang Search *

Album Reviews:

Alternative Press (5/00, p.86) - 4 out of 5 - "...There's plenty of echo on every instrument here, and plenty of lounge impression, too, but even that can't make this album suck....a band paying tribute to the like-minded predecessors."

Magnet (6-7/00, pp.77-8) - "...Quasi-jazz intent....The overall impact - oddly enough for something that might seem soothing at first - is a little unsettling. These aren't pop tunes you can tap along with on your car's steering wheel..."

Album Notes

The Dylan Group: Dylan Cristy (Korg MS20 synthesizer, vibraphone, percussion); Scott McGovern (guitar, bass); Tyler Pistilli (trumpet, Casio SK5 synthesizer, drums); Adam Pierce (guitar, Fender Rhodes, synthesizer, marimba, gamelan, congas).

Additional personnel: Marc Wolf (Classical guitar); Rob King (Fender Rhodes); Tony Tino (bass).

The Dylan Group's most cohesive, solid and just plain listenable recording up to this point, UR-KLANG SEARCH is a little digital doorway to another world. Actually, several different worlds, as each song seems to inhabit its own little universe. On this disc, the group recorded half the album live, jamming together in one room. They sound confident and assured, and the music gives off a warm glow.

Their old influences are still here; dub, gamelan, Steve Reich, My Bloody Valentine, etc. but they're even more assimilated than before. UR-KLANG SEARCH is both grooving and dreamy. It's also rocking, and just plain fun. It's a blast from start to finish.


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