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Various Artists: Excavated Shellac: Reeds [Digipak]

Track List

>Tarantella Popolare - Antonio Della Basilicata
>Lou Bolontinou - Achille Marc/Sylvain Poujouly
>Karzana Oyun Havasi - Ali/Zurnaci Mahir
>Reng-E Ghafghaz - Tufanpur Orchestra
>Janggochum - Ahn Ki-Ok/Kin Yin Kuan
>Untitled - Da Kai Men/Guangdong Troupe
>Raga Alapana (Todi) - T.N. Rajarathnam Pillai
>Ekâri Eselimmit - Selim
>Cantar Bien Neña - Obdulia Alvarez "La Busdonga"
>Lahara Saamp Ke Masta Karneka - Jhande Nath
>Raqs Jooli: Aroosi - Hoseynkali Was Roofakah
>Alia Mozmar Khedawi Masr - Mohamed Efendi Baz
>Mimi Naona Haya - Ngoma Ya Kitokomire
>Into Ezimnandi - Mqonga Sikanise
>Macedonsko Oro
>Raqsi Kalon
>Ruchenitsa - Parush Parushev

Album Notes

Liner Note Author: Jonathan Ward.

The Excavated Shellac series from Atlanta-based archival label Dust-to-Digital offers up rare, previously unreleased 78-rpm records from around the globe that are focused around a unifying theme. Following their inaugural collection, Strings, they've added a second volume focused on reeded instruments. Culled from a wide variety of international cultures, the Reeds collection is filled with the exuberant, expressive tones of the zurna, duduk, shehnai, piri, and myriad other instruments, with the accordion being the most recognizable one to Western ears. This music is often loud and shrill with a sound intended to carry outdoors. These songs from the dawn of the recording age hail from France, India, Kurdistan, Turkey, North Korea, Tanzania, and various other countries throughout Europe, Asia, and Africa. ~ Timothy Monger


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