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Various Artists: EBM & Industrial, Vol. 1

Track List

>No Future - Autodafeh
>Das Ritual [Invitation Mix] - Plastic Noise Experience (remix)
>Anchorman - Bhambhamhara
>End, The - Implant
>Rebell [Club Mix] - Orange Sector (remix)
>Nag Gag [harder] - Kant Kino
>Still Working [Framework Remix] - The Psychic Force (remix)
>Crank It Up - X-Rx
>Here Comes the Pain - Phosgore
>Crazy [Shiv-R Remix] - Frozen Plasma (remix)
>Surveillance - Aesthetische
>Nothing Remains the Same - Cynical Existence
>Sleepless [Bloodconnek7ion Rmx] - Sara Noxx (remix)
>Eye of the Needle - Shiv-R
>(We Need) Machines Without Romance - Metroland
>Shit on Cyborgs - Noisuf-X
>In Plain Sight [Dance Mix] - Destin Fragile (remix)
>Suicide Bomber - Aengeldust
>Purgatorium - SITD
>Anti Cosmic - Alien Vampires
>Emulgent Disfigurement - Venal Flesh
>Meskalin [Grendel Remix] - Tyske Ludder (remix)
>Fighting the Force - Vomito Negro
>Cold in December - Llumen
>Panic Attack [Venal Flesh Mix] - Zombie Girl (remix)
>Scythian - Eden Synthetic Corps
>Second Home - X-Marks the Pedwalk
>Hostile Ground - Chainreactor
>Pay Your Dues [Assemblage 23 Rmx] - Polaroid Kiss (remix)
>Bordello - Virgins O.R. Pigeons
>Am Zero - Onecyze Project
>Kumipuku - Bodykomplex
>Hit Me Hard - In Good Faith
>Control Your Robot [AD:keY Remix] - Robotiko Rejekto (remix)


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