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Han Shin Chinese Folk & Dance Ensemble/Cheng Yu (Pipa): Discover Music From China With Arc Music

Track List

>Horse Racing
>Guo Xin Nian
>Rainbow Feather Dance
>Wild Geese Descending on the Sandy Beach
>Xixi Lazi
>Raindrops Beating on Banana Leaves
>Tea Picking Girls and Butterfly Dance
>White Snow in Sunny Spring
>Bai Ge Gan Chang
>In that Remote Place
>Planting Song
>Watertown Landscape
>Yang Liu Qing
>Lament at Changmen Palace
>Twittering Birds on the High Mountains
>Hill Named Youth, The
>Sound From Afar
>Taohua Hong Xinghua Bai
>Golden Snake Dance
>Crescent Moon in Deep Night

Album Remarks & Appraisals:

This enchanting collection of Chinese music presents instrumental solo and ensemble pieces in a variety of arrangements, from traditional to contemporary, as well as sung pieces from various regions of China in different styles. Chinese music has a unique charm all of its own, even down to its evocative songs titles, such as "Raindrops Beating on Banana Leaves" and "Wild Geese Descending on the Sandy Beach". The intention of this collection is to provide a snapshot of the familiar sounds of Chinese traditional music as well as rarely heard folk songs.


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