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ADMX-71: Coherent Abstractions [Digipak]

Track List

>Virtuality Continuum
>Arrival into Uncharted Territory
>Neutralize & Eliminate
>Conjectured State
>Nearing Obliteration
>Bound & Broken - (featuring Janina)
>My Theme Song
>Anxious Solitude
>Mystical Ascent

Album Notes

Coherent Abstractions is techno mainstay Adam Mitchell's third full-length under his ADMX-71 moniker, which he reserves for his experimental, downtempo, and industrial material. The album isn't as fast or aggressive as his usual work as Adam X or Traversable Wormhole, but it's nevertheless incredibly tense. The most paranoid moment is "Nearing Obliteration," which features Mitchell's thick Brooklyn accent feverishly narrating an impending shipwreck. "Bound & Broken" is softer, but no less devilish, with sultry S&M-themed spoken lyrics by vocalist Janina Schütz. Album highlight "Phenomenalist" features a shimmering, almost pretty melody over steady pulsations. "My Theme Song" chugs along with a buzzing rhythm and muted breakbeats. Other tracks bury hints of Kraftwerkian melodies under fog clouds and throbbing beats. Even more so than his hypnotic, club-focused work as Traversable Wormhole, Coherent Abstractions showcases Mitchell's subtle side, rather than bashing listeners upside the head like much of his Adam X material. ~ Paul Simpson


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