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Andre Murrill: Relationship Issues

Track List

>I'll Be Taking Your Calls
>Relationship Issues Session
>I Don't Care Anymore
>It's Andre Murrill
>Beggin' You to Come Home
>I Said I'm Sorry for the Last Time
>Proverbium Intro With Big B and Andre' Murrill
>Put the Squeeze on Me
>I Am Still Here
>It's Andre' Murrill
>Packin' My Bags and Leavin'
>(Phone Call) Women Do the Same Thing That Men Do
>Invisible Tears
>Let's Come Together
>This Girl On My Mind
>(Phone Call) Little Girl
>Shouldn't Have to Be This Way
>You Gotta Throw It All Away
>(Phone Call) If You Love Me, You Would Wait
>I Think I'm Gonna Marry You
>My Baby
>You Changed Me
>You Make the Tears Fall Down My Face


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