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Okkervil River: Black Sheep Boy [10th Anniversary Edition]

Track List

>Black Sheep Boy
>For Real
>In a Radio Song
>Get Big
>King and a Queen, A
>Stone, A
>Latest Toughs, The
>Song of Our So-Called Friend
>So Come Back, I Am Waiting
>Glow, A
>Missing Children
>No Key, No Plan
>Garden, A
>Black Sheep Boy No. 4
>Next Four Months, The
>Another Radio Song
>Forest, A
>Last Love Song for Now
>Goodnight Irene
>I'm in Love With Susan Smith
>See See Rider
>Knoxville Girl
>Satan Is Real
>Good Liquor Gonna Carry Me Down
>Willow Tree
>Oh, The Wind and Rain
>What Are They Doing in Heaven Today
>Trouble in Mind

Album Reviews:

Uncut (p.87) - 3 stars out of 5 - "Will Sheff's novelistic lyrics and the dexterous blend of country, folk and nervy indie-rock suggest a band approaching the peak of their powers."

Alternative Press (p.124) - 5 out of 5 - "[Sheff's] uncompromisingly literate songs provide unusually rewarding payoffs. Musically, the band capture chamber pop in a rustic barbed-wire trap."

Magnet (p.110) - "Okkervil River's Will Sheff has spun Hardin's two-minute ditty into an impressionistic narrative full of blood and conflict, of creaky folk waltzes and surprisingly upbeat rock."

Mojo (Publisher) (p.64) - Ranked #2 in Mojo's "2005 Americana Albums Of The Year."

Mojo (Publisher) (p.114) - 4 stars out of 5 - "[T]he music is quite beautiful, while the vocals sound like the unnatural union of Will Oldham and Robert Smith."

Paste (magazine) - "[T]he meditative album stretched the archetypical outsider into an antihero with many faces and placed Okkervil River among the most promising bands in indie rock."

Clash (magazine) - "[T[he sincerity in delivery of his densely literate lyrics is second to none. The magnitude of feeling is further emphasised by the haunting melodies from strings, raw guitars, analogue synths, horns and mandolins."

Album Notes

Okkervil River continue to break the glass between messy nerves and orchestrated elegance on their fourth full-length, Black Sheep Boy, titled after the lovely song penned by Tim Hardin with which the band opens the record. However, their take on the song feels a bit rushed and uneventful, which knocks the tender breath from the lyrics and presents a clumsy start. Opening the record this way is the singular yet major complaint of the album, ironically pushing "Black Sheep Boy," the intended centerpiece, to the outskirts of the album's overall feel. Thankfully, the song spans only a short minute, so when "For Real" gently slips into motion, then cracks with a surprise beating of guitar stabs, that's when the confident dynamics Okkervil River established on their fine 2003 album, Down the River of Golden Dreams, break free. This confidence never wanes through the remainder of the album; it is here that the bandmembers sound like they are emotionally attached to the material and here that the album should've begun. Black Sheep Boy's mix of warm strings with Wurlitzer, barroom piano, horns, and vibes effectively creates a spatial and moody balance to the electric guitar attacks and roomy drums. With these songs, clear desperation creeps through and gives the impression that the band could've fallen to pieces at any moment -- but somehow held it all together -- and the catalyst of the whole passage is Will Sheff's thick, spitting voice pleading with the cascading dissonance and majesty of the arrangements. Tracks like "In a Radio Song," a song similar to the moody explorations of Saturday Looks Good to Me's precursory group, Flashpapr, are where these arrangements take the foreground, but equally effective are the forward, uptempo tracks that are less expansive, such as the super-hooky "The Latest Toughs," with its compressed falsetto singsong backing vocals, and the bouncy screaming "Black." Save the title track, Okkervil River continue to deliver the quality of Down the River of Golden Dreams, and though sonic evolution is barely existent from that recording, perhaps it doesn't need to be; certainly Sheff's songwriting still floats above that of his peers. ~ Gregory McIntosh


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