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Fingergull: In festo susceptionis sanguinis Domini (c.1250-c.1275) - Holy Blood Office of Trondheim, Norway / Scola Sanctae Sunnivae, Anne Kleivset

Audio Samples

  1. Ad primas vesperas, antiphona: Super precipuos $1.29 on iTunes
  2. Ad primas vesperas, antiphona: Ecce advenit dominator Deus $1.29 on iTunes
  3. Ad primas vesperas, antiphona: Salus aeterna nobis $1.29 on iTunes
  4. Ad primas vesperas, antiphona: Christus Deus noster $1.29 on iTunes
  5. Ad primas vesperas, antiphona: Exultemus in Domino $1.29 on iTunes
  6. Ad primas vesperas, responsorium: Jesu bone $1.29 on iTunes
  7. Ad primas vesperas, hymne: Salve lux mundi $1.29 on iTunes
  8. Ad primas vesperas, antiphona ad Magnificat: Ave pater gloriosae $1.29 on iTunes
  9. Ad matutinas, antiphona ad invitatorium: Filie Sion venite $1.29 on iTunes
  10. Ad matutinas, hymnus: Christe redemptor omnium $1.29 on iTunes
  11. In primo nocturno, antiphona: Auctor salutis omnium $1.29 on iTunes
  12. In primo nocturno, antiphona: Beata vere civitas $1.29 on iTunes
  13. In primo nocturno, antiphona: Clementissime Domine $1.29 on iTunes
  14. In primo nocturno, responsorium: Dignus es, Domine $1.29 on iTunes
  15. In primo nocturno, responsorium: O vere digna hostia $1.29 on iTunes
  16. In primo nocturno, responsorium: Domine Jesu Christe $1.29 on iTunes
  17. In secundo nocturno, antiphona: Domine rex omnipotens $1.29 on iTunes
  18. In secundo nocturno, antiphona: Gregem tuum Domine $1.29 on iTunes
  19. In secundo nocturno, antiphona: Da, benignissime Deus $1.29 on iTunes
  20. In secundo nocturno, responsorium: Verbum patris aeterni $1.29 on iTunes
  21. In secundo nocturno, responsorium: Primogenito patris $1.29 on iTunes
  22. In secundo nocturno, responsorium: Completis scriptis $1.29 on iTunes
  23. In tertio nocturno, antiphona: Gratia Dei per Jesum Christum $1.29 on iTunes
  24. In tertio nocturno, antiphona: Domine fons misericordiae $1.29 on iTunes
  25. In tertio nocturno, antiphona: Ave regum rex et Domine $1.29 on iTunes
  26. In tertio nocturno, responsorium: Sanguis tuus Domine $1.29 on iTunes
  27. In tertio nocturno, responsorium: Gratia dominica $1.29 on iTunes
  28. In tertio nocturno, responsorium: Summa laus $1.29 on iTunes
  29. Ad laudes, antiphona: Crux benedicta nitet, Dominus $1.29 on iTunes
  30. Ad laudes, antiphona: Salvator mundi, salva nos $1.29 on iTunes
  31. Ad laudes, antiphona: Orabat Christus in caelum $1.29 on iTunes
  32. Ad laudes, antiphona: Redemisti nos, Deus $1.29 on iTunes
  33. Ad laudes, antiphona: Ecce de quo Johannes dicit $1.29 on iTunes
  34. Ad laudes, hymnus: Magne Deus potentiae $1.29 on iTunes
  35. Ad laudes, Antiphona ad Benedictus: Laetentur omnes populi $1.29 on iTunes
  36. Ad secundas vesperas, antiphona ad Magnificat: Rex seculorum $1.29 on iTunes

Album Summary

>Chant, Gregorian : Susceptio sanguinis (Holy Blood Office)
Conductor Ensemble Composer

Notes & Reviews:

The blood of our Lord Jesus Christ came to Nidaros. With these words the Icelandic Annales regii of the year 1165 recorded the arrival of a drop of Christ's blood in Nidaros, today known as Trondheim in Norway. As often occurred with important saints' relics, Christ's holy blood and its arrival in Trondheim became the central theme of an ecclesiastical feast. This feast was called "Susceptio sanguinis" and was celebrated annually on September 12th. Today the Nidaros holy blood relic has disappeared, and many regard the medieval cult of relics as heathen and utterly fanciful. If we choose to focus on the main idea lying behind the Annales regii, namely the theme of the redemption of mankind flowing from a substance that descends from the divine, we might understand the cult's long-standing attraction. Schola Sanctae Sunnivae and conductor Anne Kleivset perform the first recording of the Holy Blood Office.

Notes & Reviews:

Recording information: Ringsaker Church, Norway (05/2014).


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Works Details

>Chant, Gregorian : Susceptio sanguinis (Holy Blood Office)
  • Conductor: Anne Kleivset
  • Ensemble: Schola Sanctae Sunnivae
  • Running Time: 1 min. 6 sec.
  • Period Time: Medieval