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Dixie Ann Black: Just Chasing the Sun

Track List

>Introduction: Fairy Glen Safari (A Short Story)
>Path Home, The
>You I Seek, The
>My Rhythm
>Holy Vessels
>My Grandfather's Funeral (A Short Story)
>For the Dollars of Strangers
>Pretty Wife Snacking
>Goodbye to Southern Spring
>Corner Piece (A Short Story)
>Fallen Leaf
>Sunday Morning
>Ebb and Flow
>Through My Eyes (A Short Story)
>Be Still and Know
>Domestic Violation
>Teach the Children
>Project Health Blues
>Darkened Door, The (A Short Story)
>I See Your Fear
>Left Alone
>Destroyer Is Here, The
>Lazarus Come Forth (Jamaican Patois)
>What Does It Matter If...
>Serendipity Cafe (A Short Story)
>Who I Am
>Years to Come
>Lions and Tigers
>Love's Beggar
>Beyond Thought
>Letters from France, Pt. 1 (A Short Story)
>Two Minutes
>Lord, Is Life Meant to Be so Hard?
>When I'm By Myself
>Dying Embers
>Welcome Loneliness
>Letter from France, Pt. 2 (A Short Story)
>Mosquito Mystique
>Night Gown
>Toast, The (A Short Story)
>Love Will Not Fail
>Erotic Love
>Become a Thief
>In the Now
>Love Is a River
>South African Sunrise (A Short Story)
>Just Chasing the Sun
>Freed Slaves
>Sitting, The


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