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Doron Braunshtein: When You've Got Nothing to Hold on to, You Hold on to What You've Got

Track List

>Matthew Broderick Is Gay?
>Wartegg Drawing Test, The
>Charles Aznavour
>Ronald Reagan: The Worse President in the History
>Fuck Ronald Reagan!
>Bob Dornan Loves Lesbians
>Phyllis Schlafly
>Phyllis Schlafly Loves to Suck Big Black Dicks in Glory Holes
>Ivan Ukhov
>Asghar Farhadi
>Asghar Farhadi and the New Nuclear Bomb (Or: Asghar Farhadi Loves Israelis)
>Sucking Jennifer Garner's Vagina
>Sucking Ben Affleck's Balls
>Miley Cyrus Must Die
>Hitler Is God
>Hitler Will Live Forever in Our Hearts
>Man, a Beast, A
>I Love My Shit
>Heidi Klum Sucks Black Dicks
>Pedro Almodovar Dead
>After All, Tyler Perry Is a Fucking Nigger
>Come to Jesus
>Cum to Jesus
>Vote Hitler
>I Love Jack Wrangler
>Margaret Whiting Was an Amazing Woman
>I Love Both Jack Stillman and Jack Wrangler
>Kathrine Switzer Has Changed the World
>Chuck Vincent Was an Amazing Porn Director
>Meryl Streep
>Betty Friedan Was an Amazing Woman
>Solution Means Revolution
>Gloria Steinem Is God
>Personal Is Always the Political, The
>Barbara Walters Is a Pioneer
>Sucking Larry Charles Balls
>Tyra Banks Is a True Trash
>When I Think About Feminism I Think About Gloria Steinem
>Gloria Steinem Dead
>Chelsea Handler Is Hitler
>Who Killed Chelsea Handler?
>Love Is the Answer
>Sigmund "Oiser Litman" Schwartz Was a Great Man
>Abdel Fattah El-Sisi
>Otto Weininger Is Alive
>Geschlecht und Charakter
>Hans Jonak Von Freyenwald Loves Jews
>Yulia Tymoshenko Is My President
>Legacy of Anke Van Dermeersch, The
>Jim Henson: The Legacy of a Genius
>George Berkeley
>David Hume
>Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz
>Edmund Gustav Albrecht Husserl
>Monad (Philosophy)
>David Bowie Dead
>Freddie Mercury Is the Cure for Aids
>Jobriath Is the Best Singer in the World
>Jobriath Is a True Genius
>Jobriath Is the Greatest Star Ever
>Jobriath Is My Jesus
>Morrissey Is Jesus
>Morrissey Is My God
>Joan Rivers Dead
>Britney Spears Dead
>Mama, I'm in Love With a Criminal
>I Love Yasha Kotick
>Peaches Geldof Is an Angel Now
>Derrick Gordon Is My Hero
>Genesis P-Orridge Is God
>Brion Gysin Was a True Genius
>Vito Russo Is My Hero
>Stonewall Riots
>Jesus Is Gay
>God Is Gay
>I Am Donatella Versace
>Carla Bruni Is the Light
>Carla Bruni and I
>We Choose Our Parents
>When You Don't Have Anything to Hold on To, You Hold on to What You've Got
>When You've Got Nothing to Hold on To, You Hold on to What You've Got
>When You Don't Have Anything, You Hold on to What You've Got
>When You Have Nothing, You Hold on to What You've Got
>Way Men Look at Women, The
>This Drama We Call Life
>I Am the Cure for Aids
>We Are the Cure
>If I Wasn't a Jew, I Would Be a Nazi
>I Hate the Love in Me
>Day I Will Understand Life, I Will Be Dead, The
>I Love the Hate in Me
>Why We Hate Our Parents
>Bad Choices for Good People
>Bad Choices Bring Good Choices
>When Bad Choices Happen to Good People
>Notebook Made of Steel


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