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Guided by Voices: Suitcase 4: Captain Kangaroo Won the War [Digipak]

Track List

>Lead Walking Shorts
>Walls and Windows
>I'm in Shock (Hit Me With Tonic)
>Deaf Dumb and Blind Girl
>Try Me on for Size
>No One Looking for You
>Murphy Had a Birthday
>Living on Planet Cake
>Great Service
>Only Ghost in Town
>8 Bars (Ext. No. 3)
>No Bird
>Motor Away
>Garden, The
>Happy Heartbreaker
>Less Active Railroad
>Porpoise Northeast
>Pretty Pinwheel
>Back to the Diving Board
>Mary and the Summer
>Here to Stay
>She It
>Hallway of Glass
>Govt. Bldg. 15
>Lockets of the Empress
>New Ooze, The
>Our Little Secret
>I Can Never Let You Win
>Hey You Know Me
>Ode To J.D.
>I Am Decided
>Over and Over Again
>Excellent Extension
>Good to Look
>Slave Boss Cranberry
>Slow Dirty Water
>Garden Goes, The
>Save My Life
>Somethings Missing
>Clean It Up
>You Dont Know Me (I'm Your Dog)
>You Make the Sun
>Time Will Destroy You
>Delayed Reaction Brats
>Pretty as Her Cats
>One Big Boss
>Mistery Walk
>Then Again
>Son of the Sea
>Bellboy Stomp
>Linda's Lottery
>Of Course You Are
>Pinpoints on the Anal Zone
>City With Fear
>She Doesn't Know Why
>(I Been) Pigeon Tripping
>Fall All Over Yourself
>Quality of Armor
>Teeth Flashlight [Demo]
>Lest Make Out
>Busy Bee
>Why Do You Stare Into the Sea
>Rock Time
>Near as Not Late
>Finger to the Lips
>Carnal Limousine
>Doctor Boyfriend
>Spiraling Epsilon
>Ugly Day of Rain and Soccer
>Yank for the Rooties
>Glad Girls
>(If You've Got a Rocket) Got to Ride
>Frog Baby Axe Murderer
>Strange Games
>Thick and Thin
>When 2 Hours Seem Like 5
>Find a Wet Spot
>I'm Just Doing My Job
>Contemporary Man (He Is Our Age)
>Heels Tight
>House Always Looks So Nice, The
>Disappearing Act
>Rubber Man (Long)
>James of Life
>Jerking Clown, The
>Psycho All the Time
>Throwing Down the Line
>Third Grade Aviator
>She Likes Tea Rats
>Promo Brunette
>Just One Drop
>Temporary Shutdown
>Skin High
>Your Cricket Is Rather Unique
>Fame and Fortune
>High Treason


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