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Doron Braunshtein: I Am Dada

Track List

>Swastika Comes from the Star of David, The
>Star of David Comes From the Swastika, The
>With Love, Hitler
>Mein Kampf, Bitches
>Mein Kampf
>Feelings Artist, The
>Feelings Virtuoso, The
>Jenna Jameson Dead
>Bible: By Doron Braunshtein, The (Also Known As) Apollo Braun
>Francesca Woodman: The Best Photographer in the History of Man Kind
>Martin Indyk Is My Mentch
>2pac Alive
>2pac Is the Cure for Cancer
>2pac Is Jewish in Heaven
>Conchita Wurst Is Amazing
>Segolene Royal Is Beautiful
>Ulay Laysiepen: The Greatest Artist of All
>It's Simply Amazing, Marina Abramovic
>Christian Estrosi, A Great Man
>Fuck Haj Amin Al-Husseini
>Haj Amin Al-Husseini Was Gay
>Regina Spektor
>Sixto Rodriguez
>Malik Bendjelloul Was Amazing
>Ding an Sich
>Sergio Rodriguez Is Jesus
>I Love Narendra Modi
>Rahul Gandhi
>Vivian Maier, What a Great Photographer
>Thomas Edward Lawrence
>I Love Backstreet Boys
>Michel Gondry
>Kylie Minogue Is Beautiful
>Chemical Brothers, The
>White Stripes, The
>Foo Fighters, The
>Daft Punk
>Rolling Stones, The
>Pamela Anderson Dead
>Bowe Bergdahl
>Heidi Klum, The Legacy of a Bitch
>Heidi Klum, The Niggers-Lover From Hell/Germany
>Days of Amanda Lepore, The
>Mustafa Badr Al Din Is Gay
>Charles Saatchi Is Fabulous
>Herbert Clyde Lewis Is the Best Author in the World
>Christopher Morley Is the Best Author in the World
>Kjell Askildsen
>Ismail Haniyeh/Britney Spears/Jackson Pollock
>Why I'm Afraid to Write About Ismail Haniyeh?
>Mohamad Hassan El-Husseini Is Gay
>Meliad Farah Is Gay
>Hassan El Hajj Hassan Is Gay
>Jeff Koons
>Mohammed Deif Is Gay
>Mohammed Deif Is My Fucking Sharmoota
>Obama Is My Nigger
>Hillary Clinton Is My Nigger
>Mohammed Deif Is a Fucking Lesbian
>Mohammed Deif Asshole Is Open and Ready for Some Jewish/Israeli Big, Army Cocks
>Khaled Mashal Is Gay (But Deep, Deep in the Closet)
>P.S. and What About Tom Cruise
>Khaled Mashal Is My Fucking Sharmoota
>Carlos Morales Is the Best Gay Porn Actor in the World! (Ever!)
>When Barack Obama Farts
>I Love to Feel Barack Obama's Big, Black Cock Deep in My Ass
>Nina Hagen Is God
>Saud Al Faisal Is Gay
>Saud Al Faisal Is My Fucking Sharmoota
>Naim Qassem Is Gay
>Naim Qassem Is My Fucking Sharmoota
>William Schabas Is a Fucking Faggot
>When William Schabas Farts
>Jesus Has O.C.D
>Ariana Grande Is God
>Jesus Is Ariana Grande
>Memories from My Ex-Boyfriend Josh N.
>People Say That...
>Did You Ever Fucked a Tree?
>Open Letter to Josh, My Ex-Boyfriend (From May 2006 Until October 2007) from 6 Street/East Village/New York City
>Questions - and Answers - About Amal Alamuddin's Vagina
>Fritz Bauer Was an Amazing Man
>Johann Kremer Is the Devil
>Gerhard Peters and the Zyklon B.
>Barack Obama Is a Black Devil of a White Nation
>I Am Joshua Chalfen
>Mark Ashton Is My Hero
>Levenson Self-Report Psychopathy Scale
>Bulent Ersoy Is My True Hero
>Zeki Muren Was So Beautiful!
>Cherif Kouachi and Said Kouachi's Beautiful, Amazing, Huge, Out-of-This-World Violent (But God... So Sexy...) Black-White-Red-Green Cock
>Amedy Coulibaly Song
>I Love Erich Muhsam


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