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Various Artists: Piccadilly Sunshine, Vols. 1-10 [Box]

Track List

>Miss Pilkington's Maid - Jason James
>I Won't Be There - Peppermint Circus
>Polly Pan - Roger Bloom's Hammer
>Flower Power - Alan David
>Falling Leaves - Studio Six
>Slow Motion - The Magicians
>He Wants to Be a Star - Tin Tin
>Good as Gold - The Cups
>Pisces Man - Billy Boyle
>Dead as a Go-Go - Sounds Incorporated
>Dream Magazine - Svensk
>Race, The - Christopher
>Love's Beautiful - Merlin Q.
>Why Don't You Follow Me - Mighty Joe Young
>Fairground Man - The Nocturnes
>Never Trust in Tomorrow - Mixture
>Why Can't There Be More Love - Mood of Hamilton
>Polly Sunday - Jon
>Girl of the Night - Tony Fabian
>Sad Simon Lives Again - Tim Andrews
>Spider - K.G. Young
>Never Play a B Side - Sasha Caro
>Sing Me a Sad Song - Gentry
>Keeping My Head Above Water - Peppermint Circus
>Fantastic Story of the Steam-Driven Banana, The - Legay
>Candy Shop Is Closed, The - George Bean
>I Want You Girl - Wishful Thinking
>Belinda - Suspect
>House in the Country - Perfect People
>Pawnbroker, Pawnbroker - Barbara Ruskin
>Hazy People - Chris McClure
>Little Red Bucket - Bubblegum
>Step Out of Your Mind - The Kool
>Alexander Bell Believes - Alexander Bell
>She Wanders Through My Mind - Roger Denison
>Smile From Sequin - George Bean
>Pepper Grinder - Gervase
>I Want to Go Back There Again - Bill Kenwright/The Runaways
>Turn Your Head - The Condors/Mike Raynor
>Provocative Child - Zuider Zee
>Love Will Find a Way - The Bombthrowers/Howard Walker
>Remember Daphne - Paul Slade
>Oh What a Naughty Man - Alan David
>London Bridge Is Falling Down - The Spectrum
>Lincoln Green - Dave Justin
>Free Like Me - Pythagoras Theorem
>Kensington High Street - Dead Sea Fruit
>I Can't Sleep - Studio Six
>By My Side - Mighty Joe Young
>Waiter! Get Me a Drink - Tim Andrews/Paul Korda
>Isabella - Jiminy Crikitt
>Look at Me - Cupid's Inspiration
>Dance With the Man in the Teapot - J. A. Freedman
>Lucky Sunday - Episode Six
>Mrs. Jensen Sits Alone - Jerry St. Clair
>Thank You for Your Loving - Dukes Noblemen
>Portobello Road - The Spectrum
>She's in Need of Love - John Bryant
>Spring Song - Ottilie Patterson
>Eat Me - The Bombthrowers/Howard Walker
>I'll Be on My Way Dear - Barry Ryan
>People People - Lace
>Rainmaker - The Laurels
>True-to-Life - David Morgan
>And So to Sleep - Gaslight
>Stop! Thief - Keith Field
>Conventional Fella - Jago Simms
>Visions - Gervase
>Musical Man - Paul Raven
>Day That War Broke Out, The - Keith Field
>House of Lords - The Monopoly
>Meditation - Chris McClure
>Flowers for My Friends - Joyces Angels
>Mr & Mrs Regards - Factotums
>Mister Personality Man - West Coast Delegation
>Dawning - David Morgan
>Mr. Travel Company - Brian Connell
>Angela - Deuce Coup
>Hands on My Clock Stand Still Now, The - Now
>Haunted - Bob Clarke
>Temple of Gold - Samurai
>Ayeo - Running Jumping Standing Still
>Alley Alley - Sight and Sound
>32nd Floor - The Washington D.C.'s
>Sunshine Thursday - Laurels
>In Too Deep - Jago Simms
>Empty Highway - Oedipus Complex
>In My World - Wayne Fontana
>Look at Me - The Nocturnes
>Columbine - John Bryant
>Cobwebs - Sweet Thursday
>Indian Scene - Seymour Kelly
>Pantomime - The Castaways/Tony Rivers
>Now I Think the Other Way - Watch Committee
>Secret, The - Merlin Q.
>Running Out of Time - Roger Denison
>Groovy Day - Ian Whitcomb
>Airport People - The Roulettes
>Dream With Me - Sounds Bob Rogers
>Say Goodbye to Yesterday - The Toyshop
>What Did We Miss - Still Life
>1969 - Ross Hannaman
>Cherie Alamayonaika - Disciple
>Sleep - Simon Dupree & the Big Sound
>Good Guys in the White Hats, The - Mike Sedgewick
>Hereditary Impediment - Happy Confusion
>Rainy Day - Philamore Lincoln
>Out of My Life - Katch 22
>I Hope You're Happy - The Merseys
>Beggar Man Dan - The High
>Like a See Saw - The Mariane
>Bogey Man - Selwyn & John
>Let's Do It Together - Little Brother Grant/Zapatta Schmidt
>Painting the Day - Chuckles
>Winter Will Be Cold - Zion De Gallier
>Newspaper Man - Tate Gallery
>Why Won't the Sun Shine on Me - Malcolm Rabbitt
>I Like - Kaplan
>Travelling Circus - The Epics
>Last One to Know, The - Hayden Wood
>I Ain't Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore - Loose Ends
>Small Town - Peter Fenton
>No, No, No - Paul Young
>Let Me Get By - Bobcats
>Seven Deadly Sins - Chris Kerry
>Time - Situation
>Time Will Tell - Magic Lanterns
>You're My Mother - Mud
>Gotta Get a Move On - Peeps
>Will Ya? - Pinkerton's Assorted Colours
>One Heart - The Act
>City Girl - The Koobas
>Times They Are a-Changin', The - Deuce of Hearts
>Run for Your Life - Harbour Lites
>Gone Tomorrow - The Monopoly
>Seeds of Discontent - Dead Sea Fruit
>Fat Man - Barry Fantoni
>Just a Little While Longer - Rising Sons
>Save Your Love - Barley Bree
>You Girl - Paul Young
>Zebedy Zak - Cardboard Orchestra
>Circus - Cats Eyes
>Piece by Piece - The Nerves
>Would You Believe What I Say - The Unit
>We're Not Those People Anymore - Rifkin
>Latter Days, The - Mud
>Evil Woman - The Orchard/Peter Sully
>Driftwood - Factotums
>Hilda the Bilda - Granny's Intentions
>Ain't Gonna Wait Forever - House of Lords
>Message, The - Confucius
>Loser, The - Cats Eyes
>Not Enough Words - Juice
>Sing Sadman Sing - Paul Layton
>Up the Airy Mountain - Mud
>Coplington - Persimmon's Peculiar Shades
>Love Will Continue - The Merseys
>Situation-Now - Situation
>Fly Away Bird - The Truth
>Watchmaker - Persimmon's Peculiar Shades
>Images of You - Mike Lennox
>Daffodil - Mike Wallace
>Ordinary People - Spencer's Washboard Kings
>Love Is Coming - Lee Harmers Popcorn
>Running Forwards - Weather
>Clown in One Town, A - Deuce Coup
>You're Gone - Gary James
>This East - Villiers and Gold
>Lazy Life - William E
>Down by the River - Ian McCulloch
>Words I Like - Mike Lennox
>Hello Sunshine - Lee Harmers Popcorn
>Hey Diddle Diddle - Montanas
>Ice Cream Dream - Cartoone
>Opera Dreamy - Elmer Gantry's Velvet Opera
>Don't Let Your Chance Go By - David McNeil
>Bleecker Street - Caloogie
>You've Gotta Have Love Babe - Graham Bond Organisation
>New Man, A - The Nocturnes
>Love Me While You Can - Smokey Circles
>Clown, The - The Warm Sensation
>Caucasoid Junkie - Disciple
>Far Away Love - Copperfield
>Mary What Have You Become - Free Ferry
>Tomorrow Today - Kippington Lodge
>Magic Circle - Almond Lettuce
>Is It Really the Same - Sleepy
>I've Lost a Friend and Found a Lover - Slender Plenty
>Charlie Cass - Wayne Fontana
>Beauty Queen - The Herd
>Let's All Run to the Sun - The Glass Menagerie
>Beautiful Land - Happy Magazine
>Twenty Weary Miles - Almond Lettuce
>Flying - Vigrass
>Turn Out the Light - Kippington Lodge
>Rosie Can't Fly - Sleepy
>Stargazer - Shawn Phillips
>Got to Get Away - New York Public Library
>Little Man in a Little Box - Barry Fantoni
>Try as You May - Lomax Alliance
>Way You Like It, The - Woolly Fish
>Funky Bayswater - The Squires
>In Pursuit of Happiness - The Pursuit of Happiness
>Rear Wheel Skid - Faces
>Vicious Circle, Pt. 2 - The Real Thing
>Afro Disiac - Patchwork
>Stonehenge - Stonehenge
>Sparrow - Inshallah
>Nats - The Magic Christians
>Nice - Crocheted Doughnut Ring
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