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Longboat: Kill the Music!

Track List

>Kill the Music!
>#10 The Brief, Busy Life of Bill Ballard
>Get into Range
>No One Listens to Jazz Anymore
>#21 Air Cover
>Rhymes With: Hey, She Wrecks Me
>#23 Young People with Old Ideas
>You Can Be a Songwriter, Too
>Available Anthem
>It's Kinda Like That
>#4 The Finest in Radio News
>Where Are the Words?
>When People Tell Me How to Write Music, I Get Somewhat Annoyed
>#1 Your Feature Begins Now
>Everything Sounds Like Everything Else
>#22 Say It with Samba
>Thanks, ASCAP
>Your Favorite Song
>What a Way to Starve!
>#12 Moon Colony Mixer
>Only as Good
>Deploy Brilliant Cliches
>#15 Prelude and Conclusion
>Serious Brad
>Cheap Applause
>#16 Flash Mob
>Piano Teacher
>#19 Fetch Me My Rhyming Dictionary (And a Regular Dictionary, Too)
>Wobbly-Voiced Indie Guy
>#9 By Robots, for Robots
>Your Guide to Success
>Blues You Can Use
>#14 99 Beans per Manatee
>Tawdry Gimmicks
>New Bounce and You, The
>#6 Unprepared Piano
>Sweet Futility
>#18 My Future, My Rules
>Hurt Feelings
>#7 Very Modern Chair, Annual Report, Glass of Scotch
>Short & Sort of Ironic (Because This Album Is So, Y'know, Long)
>#25 The Last Sunset Ever
>My Band's Better Than Yours/The End


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