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Kam: Made in America

Album Reviews:

Q (5/95, p.105) - 3 Stars - Good - "...MADE IN AMERICA is musically of a piece with the rap/funk fusions of the last year or so, while the album's rhymes offer the now expected hymns to self-discipline and include a call for an end to gang violence..."

Vibe (4/95, p.105) - "...he goes beyond just identifying the problems and their causes: Kam offers solutions....No one's pushing through creative frontiers here, but still, you can't front on music with a message."

The Source (4/95, p.82) - 3.5 Mics - Dope - "...credit has to be given to Kam for taking an honest stance for what he believes in--particularly in this predominantly apolitical/dank and booty era of rap music..."

Option (9-10/95, p.116) - "...his delivery relates little of the expected macho posturing, though his vocal style is reminiscient of Big Daddy Kane....Intellegent messages in an honest format..."

Album Notes

Personnel: Kam, MC Ren, Dresta (vocals).

Producers: Jess Willard, Battle Cat, E-A-Ski, CMT Productions, D.J. Quick.

Engineers: Josh Achziger, Mark Paladino, Bob Morse.

Influenced by Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, Kam is angry with America. On his sophomore album, he castigates the oppressive system over a deluge of big, funky beats. ~ John Bush


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