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Silverchair: Frogstomp [20th Anniversary Edition]

Album Reviews:

Q (12/01, p.163) - 3 stars out of 5 - "...Alarmingly precocious..."

Musician (8/95, p.92) - "...Pearl Jam's melodic uplift and Helmet's amp-taxing intensity....masters of sonic sculpture, deftly using feedback and distortion to build vast cathedrals of sound out of their barrel-chord riffs and lean catchy choruses. Yet that towering rarely overshadows the music's emotional content..."

Album Notes

Silverchair: Daniel Johns (vocals, guitar); Chris Joannou (bass); Ben Gillies (drums).

Forget the fact that two-thirds of Silverchair will be in their teens 'til the year 2000; the band's debut, FROGSTOMP, spills with full-throttled guitar angst worthy of bands twice their age.

Having won a record contract through a contest in their hometown of Newcastle, Australia, the band recorded FROGSTOMP in less than two weeks, and the album entered the Australian charts at number one, a down-under first. It's easy to see why: gripping guitar structures, reminiscent of hard-rock antecedents from Black Sabbath to Dinosaur Jr., support howled vignettes of adolescent frustration. "Leave Me Out" has the same head-nodding lurch as the best Sabbath riffs, and song titles like "Suicidal Dream," "Pure Massacre" and "Madman" bring the whole freak-out theme home. "Cicada" drives the youth point further, with singer/guitarist Daniel Johns realizing that "growing old is like a Civil War."

Silverchair has done its homework well. FROGSTOMP is an aggresive debut for a band that makes up for their lack of age with impressive musical chops.


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