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Laser Dance: Greatest Hits & Remixes

Track List

>Humanoid Invasion [7" Version]
>Shotgun (Into the Night) [Remix] - (remix)
>Goody`s Return [Album Version]
>Power Run [Swedish Remix 7" Version]
>Future Generation
>Around the Planet
>Cosmo Tron [Remix] - (remix)
>Endless Dream
>Challenge [Remix], The - (remix)
>Enemy on Earth [Vocoder Mix] - (remix)
>Mars Invaders
>Technoid [Radio Version]
>Fire on Earth
>Lazer Dance [Space Version]
>Humanoid Invasion [Space Mix] - (remix)
>Power Run [Swedish Remix] - (remix)
>Challenge [Space Version], The
>Humanoid Invasion [Dance Mix] - (remix)
>Goody`s Return [Maxi Version]
>Shotgun (Into the Night) [Space Mix] - (remix)
>Technoid [Space Version]
>Fear [Remix] - (remix)
>Battle Cry [Space Mix] - (remix)
>Laserdance ['88 Remix] - (remix)
>Humanoid Invasion [Space Mix] - (remix)
>Megamix Vol. 1: Laser Fear/Power Run/Future Generation/Humanoid Invasion/Digital Dream/Fear/Space Dance/Goody`s Return


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