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Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark (O.M.D.): Organisation [Limited Edition]

Album Notes

Full performer name: Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark.

Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark: Paul Humphreys (vocals, piano, electric piano, organ, synthesizer, percussion, electronic percussion, programming); Andy McCluskey (vocals, piano, organ, synthesizer, bass, percussion, electronic percussion, programming); Malcolm Holmes (drums, percussion).

Includes liner notes by Paul Browne.

On their debut album pioneering British synth-pop duo O.M.D. proved that electronically based sounds could evoke genuine emotion. On the follow-up ORGANISATION, O.M.D. expand on the relatively lo-fi sound of their first effort, maturing as songwriters in the process. On the hit "Enola Gay" (the name of the plane that dropped the bomb on Hiroshima) and throughout the album, state-of-the-art synthesizers and drum machines are employed to offer a much richer sound than the group's previous recordings.

As was their trademark, Andy McCluskey and Roger Humphreys turned out a stack of songs teeming with more melodic elegance and poignancy than almost any of their peers in the electronic end of the UK post-punk/New Wave era. A knack for meshing the industrial and the humanistic is exemplified on "Stanlow," an homage to a power plant where McCluskey's father was once employed. ORGANISATION stands to show just how human technology can sound in the right hands.


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